Ezekwesili: Nigerians, Salvage Your Country

Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, Former World Bank Vice President for Africa, has called on Nigerians to either help themselves salvage their country or continue to remain victims of the country’s bad leadership.


Ezekwesili who bewailed the country’s dwindling fortunes on her Twitter handle last night, also urged the media to dig deep into the myriad of challenges facing the country in their daily reportage hoping that this would assist in the much needed enlightenment of the citizens.

The former minister said it was disheartening that politics had taken over the country with the current practitioners unable to inject fresh ideas into the system for development.

As an ardent critic of the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, Ezekwesili wondered: “Is it not terrible that whilst citizens struggle to stay afloat politics trumps economy in this nation?

It tells our priorities that prevalent news is mostly on politics when we have deeper challenges of acute unemployment.

Sadly, none of the politicking has a component dedicated to providing us with fresh ideas for dealing with deep challenges,” she lamented.

“It is only the citizens of the country that can change this warped political culture of power for the sake of power instead of service to the people who gave out their mandate.

Try reading the news dailies today and they are all mostly laden with political news—almost as if we’ve elections tomorrow.

For as long as the citizens remain lethargic, hugging their low expectation syndrome from democracy, nothing will change,” she declared.

She explained that the low expectation syndrome by citizens has continued to breed serious competition in politics where the politicians compete with what they could get rather than what they could provide for the benefit of the people.

“Low expectation syndrome breeds and accentuates the dysfunctional my Mercedes is bigger than yours’ politics.”

Source: PM News