Faith In Jonathan Administration Forcing Nigerians In Diaspora To Return Home – Minister

GEJThe Minister of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs, Alhaji Kabiru Turaki, has said Nigerians who left the country in search of greener pastures are beginning to come back home because of their belief in the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

He also stated that PDP is always in crises because it accommodates people of all shades and characters.

A statement on Sunday by his Special Assistant (Media), Mr. Okey Muogbo, quoted the minister as saying this in Abuja during his investiture as the grand patron of a group, PDP Coalition for 2015.

Turaki, who also doubles as Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North, said, “The PDP has crises because as a party that accommodates people, it had allowed a lot of characters, who do not genuinely believe in its vision and manifesto but are merely looking for a platform through which to advance their ambitions.”

The minister also frowned at the anti-party activities of some members of the PDP; although he did not mention their names.

According to him, “They came looking for tickets and when they got such, they think it is every thing. What they don’t know is that their activities are overheating the polity.

“They would start their acts of indiscipline so early, including their diversionary tactics, which are capable of taking the focus of leadership away from main things, including the issue of good governance.”

On the threat posed by the opposition, Turaki said they had been “running helter skelter, regrouping and abusing the PDP” because the party was exceeding their expectation.

He said, “When you see opposition regrouping and becoming restless, it leads to the conclusion that PDP is doing well and beating their expectation.

“Because President Goodluck Jonathan has given leadership, they came together to collaborate and connive against us but theirs is a marriage of inconvenience. Their members are diametrically opposed to one another.”

Turaki also called for an objective analysis of achievements of the current regime which he said had done well in so many areas, including economy, transportation, agriculture and education.

He said, “Talking about the economy in concrete terms, there is real growth and a lot of confidence and a lot of people, who left Nigeria looking for greener pasture are coming back because they believe in the government of President Jonathan and the vision of the PDP.”


  1. Its seems that majority of current govt officials at fed levels are living with old ideas in a world that is new, how can a reasonable person say that those who left nigeria on greener pasture abroad are now returning to Nigeria consequent to their beleive in the administration of President Jonathan,This is a complete deceit and political propaganda of the highest order, the period spent by Yar A dua /Jonathan are wasted years, only noted for corruption, political assasination, wasteful spending and lack of direction, infact the only single major achievement of PDP so far is Obasanjo debt cancellation.

    • Thank you Bakare, his listners should ask him to produce just one person that came back just because they have brighter hope in 9- ja under the goverment of John Ata. infact his office is overheating the government purse cos is a waste if the office holder could not say nor do real things for which the office exists.