For Ladies – 10 signs he is only ‘playing’ you!

1. He has never asked you to visit his family. Most times, you meet in his friend’s house or an eatery. When you tell him you want to know his home, he gives you excuses and reasons that are not genuine.

2. He doesn’t like to be seen with you in public.

3. He seldom calls you. You are the one always calling and sending text messages.

4. He walks away when you argue. You are the one to apologise even when you are not at fault.

5. He demands for money from you, the bill is always on you.

6. He doesn’t care about what plans you have for the future.

7. He makes you jealous of other girls.

8. He screams and shouts at you for nothing.

9. He never cares about your relatives. Even when you talk about them, he is not always interested. He changes the topic and talks about the fun he had with his friends the previous day.

10. He doesn’t talk about ‘when’, he only uses ‘if’. For instance, he says more of ‘if I get married to you, our kids would have the best of everything, instead of ‘when we get married, our kids would have the best of everything’.



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