For Men – 6 Exciting Ways To Make Her Stick With You Forever!

Okay! You love her so much and you just want her to know this and never let you go….. These six steps are exactly what ladies want men to constantly do for them. They are very simple, trust me.


1. Appreciate her – Learn to say a ‘thank you’ even when she does little things…. This would encourage her to do more.

2. Compliment her – Tell her how gorgeous she looks. Don’t you know that the new hair style she is rocking is meant for you to see how pretty she is. Don’t ignore her new dresses, let her know how good she looks in them. She would look forward to seeing you. Show her off to your friends, especially the females…. She would blush on and later, she would tell her friends how much she means to you.

3. Let your words count – You should say what you mean and mean what you say. Fulfil the promises you made to her. Putting your words into actions makes give you more respect.

4. Don’t forget her birthdays – Her birthday means a lot to her, so let it matter to you. Tell your close and trustworthy friends to call her and wish her a happy birthday. Sing to her, send her voice notes and give her a birthday present.

5. Give her suprises – You could call her up and just take her out for lunch. Send her roses and write her love letters. Her birthday and your wedding anniversaries should not be the only times you send her gifts.

6. Call her often – Place a telephone call to her just to know how her day is going. A Lady loves that, it assures her that she is on your mind always. You could send her a text in the morning and tell her how much she means to you. Trust me, that is going to make her happy all day.



  1. Most Nigerian girls do not value all you have said.The polished ones do, there is much quest for money by the good number ofNigerian girls, though I may attribute this to bad economy and abject poverty.

  2. Yeah! Dats true most nigerian grls dnt gbadu dat,i hav tried dat didnt wok out 4 me d most important tin 1st a guy shud hav is money 2nd be good in bed, dats all most women wants from men nd dey wont let u go dey wil luv u….