Governors Need To Stop Disrespecting President Jonathan, Says Yuguda

isa-yugudaIn a veiled reference to his colleagues following the outcome of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) election, Bauchi State governor, Mallam Isa Yuguda, yesterday, insisted that all governors should show maximum respect for the office of the President and support Dr Goodluck Jonathan, as the leader of the nation, irrespective of their parties, to succeed.

Yuguda, who noted that events of recent past had shown that some of his colleagues had not shown respect, loyalty and support to enable the President steer the ship of the nation effectively, said, “Mr. President does not need those who insult him at will or treat his exalted office with disdain,” although he did not mention any name.

He continued saying, “I believe strongly that what the President of a large and multi-faceted country like Nigeria needs at a critical point like this, is for all governors, ministers and those saddled with public trust to work hand in hand with him in order to find answers to the country’s myriads of challenges.

“It is clear to me that what Jonathan is passing through today did not start with him and he has a good conscience to tackle the rot in the system but requires the utmost support and cooperation of all of us who were elected to work with him, in order to achieve the overall success expected of him by Nigerians,” Yuguda said.


  1. Looter! u wnt All politically Elected officers 2 come 2gather And looted our resources! U are a political prostitute.

  2. all of u dat made those rubish coment are seems u guys dont have regard 4 ur elders..y are u guys insalting ur president rather than prayin4him,i think u nid 2c a phsycathrist or beta off,consult ur oracles..big fools*GOD BLES U MR.PRESIDENT

  3. Gej..has legalize corruption…yuguda is a theif dat like corruption, i dont blame him, he is luking 4 another favour from presidency…

  4. This word is very profound. I think it should be applauded and given the necessary attention and response. Every party ideology shld actually be dropped aside after election, for a harmonious running of the nation. Of a truth! Mr President is trying real good, wth this beautifully diversified nation and the current antagonism. If you don’t appreciate this- then you are not worth being human, and have no sense of love that has brought us thus far.

  5. Wicked man,they looted all our money in Bauchi and he want respect for Jonah,burden of history will soon dealt with you.

  6. The governor rigged his way to be Bauchi state governor. Its a pity votes does not count in nigeria.
    He betrayed Buhari and disrespected him. How does he or the president deserve respect when they have legalized corruption to such an extent that they even boast of impunity usage to deal with any person that comes their way. The Bauchi people voted for CPC candidate and the PDP man through federal might turned the votes to his favour.


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