Gulak: Any Niger Deltan Against Jonathan’s Second Term Bid’s Not A True Son Of The South-South

A Gulak

Although the 2015 general elections is still two years away, the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Dr. Ahmed Gulak, has launched a passionate appeal to the leaders and people of the South-South region of the country to give maximum support to the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.


Gulak, who was speaking while receiving a delegation of the Niger Delta Leaders’ Assembly in his office, said no indigene of the region in his right senses would stand against the realisation of the president’s second term ambition.


He said. “Anybody from the South-south and the Niger Delta who is against Goodluck Jonathan’s second term in office is not a true son of the Niger Delta. Whoever he may be, I believe every son of the Niger Delta must make every sacrifice for the success of Goodluck Jonathan”.


In a veiled reference to the purported no-love lost relationship between President Jonathan and the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi, Gulak said it is only people with sinister agenda that would want to bring down their brother just because the opposition is cheering them on.


“We have seen very few of them who are hostile, who are recalcitrant, who are devilish, who are vicious, who want to bring down their brother because the opposition is clapping for them. The drummers are inside the bush and we have seen them dance naked.


“Those that said Jonathan will not be shall be put to shame. Those that hate President Jonathan with passion have failed to understand that God gives power to whosoever He wants; and that He can take away from whomever He wants and whenever He wants. But this time around God has given power to President Jonathan and all of us would have to put our hands on deck to help him,” he said.


The presidential aide, who explained that the president was doing his best to tackle the issue of insecurity in the country, added that the problem was a global phenomenon.


In his words, “It is not limited to Nigeria alone but the President is facing the challenge and we are succeeding”.



  1. U people should tell that man to shoot up,if he is benefit johnathan fine,he should nt speak for others,bcos is only them eating it,nt the masses ok.

  2. Johnathan is a disapointed fellow,he is from south south fine,what dividend has him brought to the six state of the south,tell him to represent us well,nt those sacrophant fly around him as a better person,drop all of them,they are nt contributing 1per cent to ur Administration,people around them are die’g,even u Gular,nt Exempted.

  3. This guy is almost Socrates, Plato and Aristotle combined. Lets extend it. Every North North man should stand behind Buhari, every true East East man should stand behind Ojukwu or Uwazurike or whosoever, every West West should stand Tinubu. Preaching the gospel of ethnicity and sectionalism. Please stop giving newspaper space to people who cannot contribute to the growth of this country.


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