How Life Has Turned For Pastor Chris Okotie’s Estranged Wife


This ravishingly beautiful lady, Stephanie Henshaw, seemed to have struck gold when she married Pastor Chris Okotie at an elaborate twin ceremony a few years ago. So in love were the duo that many thought it was too real to be true. He showered her with attention and gifts.

This remained the state of things of their love until things turned ugly…
Following their controversial break up, Pastor Okotie not only retrieved the car gifts he bought for her when the going was good, he stripped her of all other privileges she used to enjoy as his wife.

TON gathered that since then, life has not been easy for Stephanie as she now struggle to get the least of things, you just can’t believe even if I mention them. Sadly, the mother of three is almost a shadow of her old self.

And according to a Punch report, Stephanie, who is said to reside with her sister in Lagos, was sighted in a “not-so-posh” part of town recently riding in a taxi.

I wish her husband can take her back and end her ‘stress’. Is this possible?



  1. I guess Stephanie’s husband is a pastor who is in a better position to council married couples,Why sell their love if it is real,love that was between them ab-initio.
    True background is of essence in any marriage, and real blessing from Father and Mother too important, it averts crisis and lack of trust.

  2. If the woman needs to carry the whole world to apologize to the man of God nd her husband…..woman do that quickly! Never too late.even though u might b right on wht ever happened btw u like when u make them knw they ar men by honoring them.if for nothing woman respect the office of God that ur husband occupies.shalom!

  3. If u r a real man of God, u will not married n still remained single. I believe Chris Okotie u r using church to make ur money…… Remember u will give account to God…… Please go back and take her……… She is ur wife

  4. In the first place the couple ( Chris and wife ) are both divorcees and should be on the know as they were not marrying for the first time respectively.But Chris should have known that woman does not belong at all.Chris made his choice of that woman carnally.It is unlike man of God.I wonder ooooooooooo!


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