How These Nollywood Babes Are Struggling To Get Pregnant ––Husbands Threaten Divorce


They continue to deny but information at the desk of INFONAIJA  indicates that few Nollywood actress are not having it rosy in their matrimonial home due to the fact that they’ve not been able to get pregnant and give their husbands children, months and years into their marriage.

However, two actresses stand out from the pack; Ini Edo who got married to Mr Philip about 4years ago and Stephenie Okereke who got married to Mr Linus about 14months ago…

While Ini Edo is in her first marriage, Stephenie Okereke was married to a footballer but it ended in a messy divorce before settling with her new man in a fairy tale wedding. However, there has been no fairy tale kids in their homes thus far and both of them are not known to be pregnant, yet.

Sources say Ini’s case is worse as her husband is already under immense pressure from family and friends to go for a divorce and marry a woman who would give him children. As for Stephanie, her husband doesn’t understand “the stories” she’s telling him about her inability to get pregnant. The guy is not happy!

Both ladies, said to be “wild” back in the day, are now going spiritual and are always saying they are hoping that the babies will come soon. But how long can these men wait?

I think this is a warning to many ladies in the entertainment industry who sleep with different movie producers and directors all in a bid to get enough roles that would “make me popular”. Every action comes with a corresponding consequence(s), either today or tomorrow.
What shall it profit you to get popular with your body and end up struggling to get pregnant and give your husband one child while other women get pregnant everyday?Don’t be deceived, nothing just happen. Once a woman starts struggling for years to get pregnant just know that there is a problem, whether she wants to admit it or not. A word is enough for the wise!

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  • busybody people. Leave dem alone. Where u der when dey slept for roles? Is it compulsory that any woman looking for a child has done somethings in d past or haven’t u heard of virgins too that have same problem. Pls , leave dem alone.


  • Dis is a slanderous remark. Its better not to say things you are not sure of than to say it and wishing you had not. The fact that they’ve not given birth now doesnt make them barren for life. And how did u get to know that they slept with producers to get roles. Even if they did… Leave the,m alone. It’s none of your goddam business. Remove d log from your eyes before removing the speck from your neighbours eyes.
    If indeed u wanted to pass this as a word of advise to people there’s a better and more matured way of putting it. Pls be midful of what you say about things happening around you.

  • The way u put dis message it seems u are sure of it but I urge u 2 put it in a more mature way next time. Never d less Ladies should try 2 ZIP UP & maintain their Virginity to their future Partner!

  • may God c dem through,but mr man pls b careful of wat u say cos u dnt liv wit den nor go out wit dem so i wonder hw u got to knw dat dey slept wit different producers all for dem to play in diferent roles of their movies.

  • Pls don’t judge anybody, try and verify your claims before publishing people’s private life on the Internet. The fact that a woman got married and didn’t get pregnant immediately does not mean that she did anything stupid in the past, I know of a lady who got married as a virgin , for the past twelve years or so , no issue, what then do you call that? I also know of woman who told me she had aborted countless number of pregnancy during her youthful age , yet she has nine children , God is not a man, he blesses whom he choose to bless , so is not for you to judge, celebrity or not, that is the irony of life.

  • IF nobody talk about you , then you are nobody wetheR na true dem talk or na lie my guy. ……….. No b. Small tin oo……. 2baba don already talk pple must to talk … D one dem c and d one wey dem no see…… Na only God go forgive you….. Judge not cus u Aint God….. MAY GOD Answer the ladies in question on time IJN………. Busy body remenber wat goes around will surely come around…….

  • This is the most unacceptable way to write about this ladiez. Information nigeria,u know nothing about this ladies and even if u did, u have no right to judge them. Women who are unable to conceive are not whores or whatever u have labeled them. This is a part of their life dat u know nothing about. Remove the log in your eye before u attempt to remove the speck in their own eye. Stupid pple!

  • What Happens to the men, why is it that always the blame goes to the women. God shall answer them soonest because he is the one who gives children. Excuse me.

  • At God’s appointed time,He will grant d desire of their heart. God did not make u a judge over their lives. Ecc 3:11, The Bible says, He has made everything beautiful in His own time. Whatever they did or practiced before marriage as long as they have asked God for forgiveness and abstain away from sin,the Lord will surely forgive them. The bible says, the time of ignorance God overlooked. The Lord have overlooked their shortcomings and sooner rather than latter they will sing a new song.

  • Drawing conclusions always, that women are responsible for late pregnancy in marriage, shows how naive such minds are. There are virgins who got married and it took them years to get pregnant, likewise there were wayward girls, who got pregnant at the first touch in marriage. It is also cruel for this reporter to open his mouth too wide to tag these ladies negatively, Pls are you God or a saint?, do you know what would happen to you or yours tomorrow? Lets be careful pls on our judgement about people, no matter how close you claim to know them.

    • This writer have provoked the Creator of women from this judgment of his and in no distant time God will make a name for Himself.

  • It does not mean anybody yet to give birth has done sometin bad in d past. Wot of if d problem is from d husband?

    • This reporter is a Hyenna, he tries to write a report out of flimsy insinuation. He sounds so immature. These are example of people we call Attension seekers. Grow up, couples make decisions, esp those who have tight schedules. God is the giver of children, and he does it at his time. Tolex, shwww. Am sure you are just an industrial attachment Student trying to ensure that your boss signs your log book.

  • This writer is a shame 2 journalism. I think he deserve 2 b buried alive. What kinda conclusion is dat 4 heaven’s sake?! Big up urself or rot in hell 4 d rest of ur miserable life. I am very sure U are worse dn dose good girls. stupid!

  • Its only God dat give babies not man, I pray Almighty God wil step into their problem IJN. Its not an easy tin at all, their husband shld exercise paitence their marraige is still young 4 divorce.

  • So you now reside with them to have known what their husbands tell them, by the way who told you that every marriage must produce a child, havent u seen couples of 30/40 years of marriage without issues, theirs is just few years, your re making noise. you guys are just myopic in your thoughts, u need to do ur research well, not just come here and post rubbish for us here, even if it is true, so what?
    you know what? u guys are envious of their marriage bcos u havent heard divorce yet, this is to show how cruel and mean you are, always looking forward to bad news though i have bad news for you,u re in for a long wait, for theirs is a story of happily ever after, just watch nd see.

  • shey if ini edo was ur sister or daughter, thatz the mockery you wudve thrown at her. Dont see how her life affects you, let God be the judge cos he knows best.

  • how do u know its not the mens fault that they cant get the woman pregnant. in this tym and age are people still insisting women being the cause of childlessness in marriage. has research not shown this naive writer that men can also be impotent? go sit down joor. u no get news.

  • who ever wrote dis, is demented, a human being who is not exempted from challenges in life wrote dis? pathetic. this write up is as useless as the writer. smh!

  • Yes, it may or may nt be 2ru dat they sleep with producers and directors 4…….. Bt knw dat is nt every childlessness in a family is d woman’s fault. Some cn be d man’s fault. Bt woteva jst pray that God wil bless them with one aleast.

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