Ice Prince and Kendra Etufunwa Show Some Swag On The Street Of NY


Aboki crooner, Ice Prince is the ‘ladies man’ and it seems he knows how to move from one lady to another with such ease that many marvel if he’s the number one smooth operator in the music industry.

A while back, Privileged sources gathered that fashion designer, Yvonne Nwosu and a street girl were in a dirty fight over who among them was Ice Prince’s main lover but the guy walked away…

Yvonne Nwosu was said to be shocked by Ice Prince’s silence about their love affair that she had no choice but to deny ever having anything with the singer. She was quoted as saying: “It does not matter if I put up pictures… I never said [I was sleeping with Ice Prince]”.However, those close to Ice Prince forwarded the above pix, saying the singer dumped Yvonne Nwosu for this lady. Her name is Kendra Etfunwa. Hmmn…good luck to them!


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