If PDP Collapses, Nigeria’ll Collapse – Bode George

Bode-George-4In a daring assertion by any politician, a former national deputy chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George, has stated that the survival of the country is interwoven with that of the party.

George, an ex-convict, who was speaking at a media parley yesterday in Lagos, however urged the founding fathers of the party to intervene in the crisis within it, saying doing so means saving the country’s democracy from collapse.

In his words: “PDP is the only party that carries the pan-Nigerian coloration from the swampy forests to the Savannah. Every corner, you’ll find the PDP, if PDP collapses, this nation will collapse.”

He said the country has witnessed long span of democratic dispensation due to the pan-Nigerian outlook of the PDP insisting that the stability in the country has been associated with the level of stability within the PDP.

“Never in the history of the country have we had a party that is national in outlook. In PDP there is no tribal coloration. The concept of operations in the PDP has helped democracy to grow in the country,” he said.


  • Sir,I beg to disagree with you because this Great Country called NIGERIA is bigger than any individual or any political party,and who ever want this Great Country called NIGERIA COLLAPSE WILL DEFINITELY SEE THE WRAP OF ALMIGHTY GOD.

  • Bode george is bluffin, pdp is all about lootin n sharin our funds,is he in d best possition to say that,thief of d highest order 84 billion.

  • That words from that man is a conflitated words which could couse a big conflict in nigeria.but nigeria can not collaps in the hand of a party call PDP.never.

  • We need to really watch our ulterance. The survival of any nation does not have correlation with the party in power.

  • that is a lie wat is PDP success that he can mention. Common election dat was conducted 4 35 governors is a problem, infact u’re nt a good example to democrazy.

  • when ex-convicts dictate the (political) affairs of a country what do u expect? Bode George still contributing to national-interest affairs? God save this land Nigeria!

  • It’s only in a country like ours that ex-convict like Olabode Thieve would open his mouth to comment on national issue after spending more than two years behind bar for stealing fund in excess of 80billion. It’s very nauseating and disgusting, Bode Thieve remains ex-convict and political swindler & profiteer.

  • You cant blaim Bode George for his senseless utterance. Come 2015 PDP will be no more, but Nigeria will ever remains, it is only thieves like Bode George and his likes that will be out of existence.

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