Ijaw Group Urges FG To Establish Military Academies In N-Delta

military training

Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative, IPDI, has called on Federal Government to establish military academies in Niger-Delta, to ease recruitment of youths from the region into the military and police.

In a statement signed by the President of IPDI, Mr. Austin Ozobo, the group said, “The Federal Government should site Nigeria Defence Academy, NDA and Police Academy in the Niger-Delta to ease the pains and agonies youths of the region face in their attempt to get admission into thee academies.

“The North has taken undue advantage of these institutions to the disadvantage of the people of the South with its high military presence. Many of the fairly educated youths in the Niger Delta became militants out of frustration in their efforts to get recruited or admitted into NDA and Police Academy in the country.

“Failure to timely address this demand may collapse ties between the Federal Government and the region because the North appears to have benefited more in terms of recruitment of military officers through NDA and Nigeria Police Academy admissions.

“Ninety per cent of recruitment of soldiers, NDA and Police Academy admissions go to the North, and it makes the North so powerful against their southern counterparts in the country. It is frustrating and shocking that nobody from the South could gain admission successfully into the sister schools or be recruited without seeking for help from a northern military senior officer.

“Both academies are seen as northern schools as it failed to address the military needs of the entire country because by its mode of operation, Nigeria Defence Academy and Police Academy are sectionalised and tribalised.”


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