I’m Not a Chicken ‘I’m a Rooster’: Ronaldinho Advertises Condoms.

We’ve seen footballers endorse products that are unrelated to the game but this new advert goes all the way to emphasise that boots, kits and footballs aren’t enough for the top stars when it comes to endorsement.

Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart stars in a shocker of a television advert for Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of watch-making company Jacob & Co and David Beckham, jogs around in H&M boxer shorts.

Former Barcelona and Brazil playmaker Ronaldinho has now moved into the contraception market. He has put his signature to a new line of condoms.

Ronaldinho has his picture plastered alongside the Atletico Mineiro-themed packet on an image he posted on his Facebook page.

Ronaldinho Endorses Condom.
Ronaldinho Endorses Condom.

He is not the first player to have done so; Christian Vieri launched his own range of condoms.

The new range, named ‘Sex Free’, carries the slogan ‘Eu Sou Galo’, which means , ‘I am Galo’.

Atletico Mineiro Star Ronaldinho.
Atletico Mineiro Star Ronaldinho.

Galo is the nickname of Ronaldinho’s current team, Atletico Mineiro. In English, Galo translates as a male chicken, like a rooster or a cock.


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