Jonathan Vs Amaechi: First Lady Should Learn To Act With Caution – Tsav

patience-jonathanThe First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, must learn to stay out of the face-off between her husband, Dr Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, or in the alternative, vie for the governorship of Rivers State in 2015, Abubakar Tsav, said yesterday.

Tsav, who was responding to a remark widely attributed to the First Lady that the city of Port-Harcourt had lost its beauty since Amaechi became governor, said the comment was capable of breaching public peace and urged the President’s spokesman, Reuben Abati, as well as security agencies to take note with the view to putting a stop to such.

Tsav, a former commissioner of police in Lagos State police, said, “Since she has immense interest in the crisis, she has the option to wait for 2015 so that she can contest for the governorship of Rivers State and govern the state as she so wishes.”

He added, “we have had first ladies, but this is the first time we are witnessing this sort of thing. She needs caution. The best she can do in the feud between her husband and Amaechi is to act with caution, to pick the role of a mother”.



  1. That woman is a fool, she doesn’t know anything, is Nigeria in good shape ever since her husband became the president?? Thats the first question she need to ask herself. Don’t mind her Mr Gov Ameachi, as far as we are concern, you are the Chairman of the Governors. God bless you sir.

  2. First Madam.Are you out of your head to have made such statement about Port Harcourt and Amechi.Amechi has done well in Rivers inspite of his political mistakes as of now.If governors are rated the worst in terms of achievement is T.A. Orji of Abia State and that is were you come from.Or are you blind?What about you?What have you done for Abia or even Umuahia your home town?Though we want Jonathan to continue it is just for equity.Abia need a facelift.You and your husband should mount pressure on T.A. Orji to wake up now.

  3. Tsav or what you call yourself,how much were you paid by Ameachi & co to come to this medium and get us irritated,you know what I’ll call you a disgrace to humanity,Rtd CP my foot.

  4. Donjeff thank u. Tsav is d biggest mumu I have ever seen. Who is Tsav to talk where children of men are talking? Tsav is a stupid thief dat destroy police force and covered up murderers during his time. As a CP, wat did he achieve? Idiot. And Ameachi, wat unique thing has he done in Rivers state. Did he build airport or railway and rail station? Did he build a factory anywhere in Rivers state? Did he turn PH/Aba rd to 10lanes like Fashola is doing in Lgs. Did Ameachi, expand PH city with new trade free zone and Lowcost Housing units 4 civil servants and low income earners. D Trans-Amadi rd why has he left it dat way? Infact, is Ameachi workin? And where? Pls Afialo show me. Ameachi is an ingrate and a thief.

  5. @ woma then continue wt ur questions the first Lady what has she don for our country? if ur husband is in a fight with another man a gud wife comes in to seperate not to add fire, rubish ppl

  6. @woma and don not digress from what d man was pointing and focus on statements based on sentimentality…Amaechi is Arrogant but no doubt he is d best Governor so far since d Democracy. U asked for what he’s done right..? Good permit me to enlighten u and u can confirm for urselves or ask questions.
    1. Factory- d syringe manufacturing company situated on east west road choba is a world class company in which d Rivers state govt partnered with intl doctors and brought here.
    2.The current University of portharcourt teaching Hospital Choba was constructed and completed in his dispensation.
    3.Fully equiped Primary healthcare centres have been established and functional all over d state.
    4. State owned Hospitals refurbished and brought to standard all functional
    5. Primary and post primary schools upgraded to a high standard, maybe u probably don’t know dat fashola is still learning when it comes to that..pls don’t just take my words or stay at home to write trash simply bcus u have a phone or priviledged to have a laptop…investigate..
    6. Are u aware that d Rivers state govt sponsors students at all levels abroad on 2times a year basis.? Okay probably uve neva heard of d RSSDA okay now u know.
    D same agency carries out massive poverty eradication schemes dat are not only genuine but functional.
    7. Security: my fellow compatriots tell yourself d truth, were u as safe as u feel now during the time of d so called better administration of Odili or Omehia.? Or wasn’t it d then SSG dat promised dat Rivers people will Sleep “with two eyes open”?
    I’m sure u would be realising how ridiculous u sound when a seasoned security expert whether corrupt or not is talking issues,you d so called “children of men” should grow up and stop being kids..d first lady is a big Fool bcus she is trying to cause dat rift he is cautioning about and already Rivers indigenes are feeling d pain of her visit, she refused to stay at d Govt Lodge where its adequately secured rather she chose to stay where civilians reside thus making life unbearable for them due to her security detail. Pls children of men, I wouldn’t expect dat Wike will tell u dat he is a greedy man and he is only making all dis trouble for the sake of supremacy..and besides u know Amaechi is not a “Donatus” so how do u expect he will pay to make a man as Tsav whom u allege is corrupt, to speak on his behalf.? Comn remember he is too arrogant for that.
    I therefore enjoin u dat u please get ur facts straight b4 u condemn or make comparison so u don’t look and Sound like “FLINTSTONE”. Pls Madam 1st Lady, GO HOME and ask ur husband to start fufilling his promises and forget abt 2015 for now, its still too early for God’s sake..geez he is really clueless…!

  7. @woma, sorry I almost forgot. U asked about expansion, right..? Now have u heard of d “Greater ph city”? Pls take out time to visit dat place I will doubt u can afford to live there even though its quite cheap u know and currently its at a 40% completion stage d roads have been mapped out and now ppl are buying plots there to build their houses. U talked about roads right.? Have u seen d Ada george and Iwofe roads recently.? Not to mention d notorious Stadium road and Elekahia axis..its a beauty Woma trust me. Do u know d amount of private indigenous companies dat are springing up..dats a parameter for measuring progress. I guess I’d stop here so I don’t leaving u drooling..I only hope u could read this post and be enlightened okay..besides I’m a full RIVERS INdigene from a Riverine community as she…

  8. Madam at the top, let me list some of Amaechi’s achievements to you starting from your home town. Okrika Ring Road. Ogu/bolo link road to bolo have you seen the bridge. Andoni/ Opobo unity road count the bridges. Move to Etche and see roads. Then from Airport junction to Omerelu 42km, Airforce Base to Rumuodumaya rounabout. Rumuobiakani old Aba road. Oginigba slaughter road. Nwaja/Elekahia/Rumuomasi market down to Rumuomasi market junction. Rumola to Rumuokuta Roundabout. What about the contract the first Lady is handling at Ada George road through Gitto. What about internal community roads. Madam first Lady tell your informants to take you to songhai farm in ogoni or the Buguma fish farm. Take a visit to Banana farm at Ogoni. Count no of primary schools and Health centers in Okrika alone and give Nigerians the figures. Visit no 1 play ground in port Harcourt township and then visit wembly stadium at the Greater Port Harcourt city and take pictures there. Moreso as you are blind climb the longest flyover in port Harcourt at mile ikwerre road. You can go to new creek road market and collect one because you are insatiable. Enough of this Madam at the top.

  9. @angryman, I didn’t know I wasn’t updated on d current status…thank you sir…I believe this should be enough to shut down and dumbfound all Amaechi Haters cus obviously ur case holds no water…Yes Da Governor is Arrogant but hey let’s not give a dog a bad name just bcus we want to hang it..

  10. I don’t understand, madam at the top,, points of correction,you see, the difference between Peter and chi bike whats is the differents before and now, you see god guys get into trouble and bad guy go cuts free,


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