Jonathan’s Government Is One Run On Lies, Says Fani Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has descended on Special Adviser to the President on political matters, Dr. Ali Gulak, who he labeled a “liar for the president,” just as he also targeted the Goodluck Jonathan administration which he said is run on the “wheels of lies.”

Femi-Fani-Kayode-2Fani-Kayode, who made these comments in response to the statement credited to Gulak where he described the former minister as “an attacker of any government in power”, said, “I call the government of Goodluck Jonathan a failure; if the president thinks I am wrong, let him or one of his cerebral ministers respond to me, not Gulak. Who is Gulak? I don’t trade words with minions.”

Fani-Kayode in a statement issued yesterday said: “Gulak said I attacked Obasanjo’s government, a government and president that I proudly served and that I have defended for the last 10 years of my life.   “Please, let him provide the evidence of that attack on Obasanjo’s policies, record in public office and performance in government between 2003 and 2013 or he should forever shut his mouth and be damned. He cannot do so because it never happened. What he said is false. He is a liar.”

Imploring Nigerians to do all within their means to vote out the present administration in 2015, Fani-Kayode added,“Jonathan’s government is a government of lies that is run and supported by liars and we need to get them out in 2015 in order to save Nigeria.

“People just don’t realise how bad things are. Recently, a UNESCO survey placed Nigeria on top of the list of nations with out-of-school children – 10.5million of them – because they lacked access to classrooms and have to take lessons under trees.

“Why should we be ranked with nations like Pakistan (5.4 million), Ethiopia (1.7 million), India (1.6 million) and the Philippines (1.5 million), when we have so much oil wealth.”

The former aviation minister also berated the present administration for doing nothing tangible to better the lot of Nigerians despite “all our oil wealth and all the money that has accrued to the Federal Government in the last 5 years.”

He noted that 80 per cent of Nigerian graduates are now unemployed and that 70 per cent of the Nigerian people are living below the poverty line and, according to the United Nations, are “hungry”.

He further stated that “Abusing Fani-Kayode will not change any of those facts or improve their image and abysmal performance. They should stick to the relevant issues and provide better governance for the Nigerian people for the last two years that they will remain in power, rather than spending their time on me.”


  1. Fani Koyode I can see you don’t have shame,after stealing about 500 million naira from Nigeria’s treasury you still have the guts to call this government a liar,don’t worry you manage to scale through the lower court but I know you will definitely lose the appeal & you will end up in jail,keep running your stinking mouth,thief,ole.

    • @olabisi, can u provide evidence on ur claim. Don’t be a dogmatic follower, chief FFK is just being objective here and u are there vomiting jargons. People like u shd remain silent if u are too blind 2 see what is happening in d land. One day ur eyes will soon b opened 2 d reality of what chief FFK is saying. Be objective and bold enough to call a spade a spade.

  2. This guy was part of one of the worst governments in Nigeria’s history and he’s here mocking our collective intelligence. In a sane society, this man will be cooling his heels off in a prison serving jail time for massive corruption and abuse of office.

  3. @olabisi u knew nothing about gov better keep ur mouth shot,kayode his one of obj boys nd his victory were 100% sure at any level of judiciary in nigeria note dat.

  4. It is a shame for kayode Fani Femi to come on public and name president Jonathan administration a liars,Femi was once a minister and his ministery was recorded the worst ministry under former president Obasanjo administration.It is on record that president Jonathan administration is the best including that OBJ.Femi shouldn’t be talking out sentiment because he is a member of APC.

  5. All d things mention by fani kayode is d things d country were suffering right from obj govt and him kayode was in d govt and can’t do any thing to help his master then to cause a change in our lives but to day he has d guts to call a govt dt is trying by all means to stop all d evil things cause by obj govt a liar. Nigeria is a very sweet country dt is y kayode ll ve mouth to speak on dis govt without shame.

  6. President GEJ is really trying after only 2yrs in office. But he can do more by increasing Nigeria’s Prisions service bed spaces to 2,000,000 or min 400,000 per zone to accommodate all those who looted Nigerian treasury since 1960s like Fani Kayode. He can also return Toll gates to all federal inter state road boundaries, bridges, sea port entries, airport entries to check out criminal drivers 10pm to 6am.


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