Julius Agwu Launches Youtube Channel


Julius ‘The Genius’ Agwu has recently launched his own youtube channel.

The popular ‘Crack Ya Ribs’ host has partnered with GURU.ng, to launch the brand new youtubechannel which will feature some of his best stage performances, footages from ‘Crack Ya Ribs’, ‘Humour Mongers’, ‘Laff for Christ Sake’ and some of his memorable skits.

‘I want to keep my fans around the world laughing and I am so happy to be sharing all of my work online, in one place – I am looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Julius Agwu YouTube channel’, Agwu said.

The comedian who recently turned 40, recently launched his autobiography titled, ‘Jokes Apart: How Did I Get Here’ and released two new singles; ‘Mama Soup’ and ‘Rejuvenate’.


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