June 12 Is Dead, Only Riffraffs Still Talk About It – Bashir Tofa

_Bashir_Othman_Tofa_541019358In what might not go down well with pro-June 12 agitators and supporters of late business mogul – Chief MKO Abiola, his rival in the critically acclaimed free and fair elections of 1993Alhaji Bashir Othman Tofa, has described the events of that date as, saying those still celebrating “the dead issue are riffraff who have nothing to with their time.”

Addressing reporters in Kano, yesterday, the former Presidential candidate of the defunct National Republican convention, NRC, who was apparently piqued by the qustion on why he hardly comments about June 12 considered by many as a pan-Nigerian mandate, said… “it is for those who don’t have anything to offer this country to move forward can still be talking about June 12 presidential election”.

The interview took place at his multi million naira Ruqqayya House office located at Hotoro GRA by Maiduguri road.

The June 12 election, widely presumed to have been won by MKO Abiola on the platform of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP), was annuled to the dismay of many by former military president, General Ibrahim Babangida.

But Tofa, who still hasn’t gotten over his defeat in that election stressed, “I am not one of those people that celebrate fiction, that is the more reason why I don’t like to be talking again on June 12 presidential election,” he said.

Speaking further and without any sign of remorse over his comment on June 12, Tofa declared that “if you have learnt any lesson out of it good, if you have not, keep quiet, let this country make progress, but for one to still be talking about something that occurred 20 years ago is colossal waste of time”.

The former NRC stalwart who could not hide his anger during the interactive parley maintained that “we have more problems than to be talking about this nonsense, we want this country to survive and people were still talking about June 12”.

Tofa had earlier asked reporters not to mention June 12 as a prerequisite for the interview saying, “people who have nothing to offer this country or have nothing better to say, can go on talking about June 12, because they have nothing else to say to help this country move forward”.


  1. No doubt a lowly-witted man lik aboki tofa could only b d one2make such unguarded pronouncement . Ds is a man who rode on d fmily s fortune to limelight. If he understood wat martyrdom is, he will eat hs words . All over dworld great men n walks of life r not only rememberd but became metaphor of societal values nd even some banner n battlefront. If he doe know d name of hs great grand fada odas do

  2. Kai Bashir why are you talking like this? Allah ya jika rai ma rigaye MKO, amin. This great nigerian died working for posterity sake. If it were you that died like he did would you have liked it?. Domin Allah don’t even make such comment privately or publicly

  3. I’m not surprised @ his comment after all he only came back from America to Contest d Presidential Election, not even knowing what his supposed people Lacked or needed. I remember vividly when he was asked he had spent most of his Life…. In response : I ve lived all mi live in d US….. U can imagine……

  4. So painful that those that should guide us aright are confused & seem not to be able to find their way, how can a blind guide the blind? If Martin Luther-king Jr could be remembered by the Americans & by extension the whole world why should my Tofa that stayed all his life in the same America be shortsighted or short circuited in thinking bcos of bitterness?
    Democracy you enjoy today was made possible bcos of MKO’s supreme sacrifice..copy that, i don’t blame you much, i now remembered that you have a very short memory yet would have been counted a Nigeria’s former president..A country of anything goes…even a mad man can rule us one day!
    Bitter politics against the dead! Oremi pls take note… i rest my case.


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