Kanye West Would Break Up With Kim Kardashian

kanye west

According the US Celebrity blog, the famous couple are allegedly having relationship issues.

MediaTakeOut reports;

We just received a credible report that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be separating. According to our insider, the pair have been fighting recently – mostly about the amount and the degree of the publicity that Kim and he have been receiving.

And last week, at Kim’s baby shower – things came to a head. A person close to Kanye says, “Kanye is really trying to give Kim everything she wants. He knows how much [her show] means to her, and he loves her so much that he’s supporting her on it. But that’s not who he is.” The insider continued, “[Kanye] is not the type of [dude] who wants the cameras around everything he does, but that’s who Kim is.”

We’re told that Kanye left Kim in Los Angeles shortly after the baby shower. And it’s not clear if he plans on returning.

The pressure from the cameras isn’t the only issue. Kanye’s facing a great deal of public scrutiny over his upcoming album. The insider also said, “Kanye is now in Hawaii, I think he’s working on music. But I also think it’s over for him and Kim.”