Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo at War with The Nigerian National Assembly Over Anti-Gay Bill!

Controversial human rights activist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has drawn the battle line over the approved Anti-homosexuality bill.


She says;

I am at WAR with the Nigerian National Assembly! I DARE them to order my arrest for Educating Gays with their clueless law. I want everyone on this page to write their lawmakers that I am encouraging gays and supporting their activities underground.

The Gay law is FRAUD!! We did not vote for it, they passed it on our behalf stating that God doesn’t want it for the people. You put that kind of SHIT on the f*cking ballot and we will be satisfied. The Gay law should be repealed and put on the 2015 ballot like any developed country would.

It is not in the 1999 Constitution and considered fraudulent. When the ppl vote against it, I will be convinced.

The battle line has just been drawn.


  1. Let she come out openly and said this in d public and see wat guys will do 2 her.I guess she need 2 be given 100 slap 4 say’n diz.Foolish lady like her

  2. This is why Nigeria will never get past where it is today, I’m not here for or against Gay right, I’m here for our perceived democratic rights in this country, The government has no right to make decisions that affect our personal human rights without our input, that’s the problem with this country, the government has too much power, and the people are too ignorant to do anything about it, that’s why the average Nigerian will continue suffering under a dictatorial government.

    • Gay right is not we should discuss as public opinion it should not even be given a thought. Better issues are there for public opinion and not Gay right any senator of person that brings it as a discussion for public hearing will be flogged by his community. Lets stop imitating evil things for once

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha dat is wat i call frustration. She is frustrated in life. Hw old earth wil a lady of above 40 yrs b doin at home without a husband…. Infact may her kind never see d next generation.


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