Kidnap Kingpin Killed Prison Officers Two Days After He Begged Police Commissioner For Pardon


A kidnap kingpin in Delta State, Kelvin, suspected also to be a drug addict, ambushed and killed three officials of the Nigeria Prisons Service, NPS, Warri, with his gang, 48 hours after he promised the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, he had changed, and pleaded for amnesty.

The commissioner who was fooled and thought Kelvin was truly remorseful called the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, minutes after his discussion with Kelvin ended, March 11, to narrate what transpired and obtain his permission.

Speaking during a Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Asaba, Showtime programme, Aduba said the IGP was not opposed to granting him official pardon.

Kelvin had promised the commissioner that he would assist the police to smash the kidnap industry in the state and the Inspector General predicated his imprimatur on his surrendering arms and cooperating with the police.

Unknown to Commissioner Aduba, it was a hoax, as the kidnap kingpin, currently on the run, struck two days after with a gang of nine gunmen and successfully freed two notorious kidnap suspects, identified as Rufus and Frank, from warders, while they were taken to court on March 13, the same day the gang killed a lecturer of the Petroleum Training Institute, PTI, Effurrun, Mr Ogungbemi.

Aduba said the kingpin had not been arrested since then as the police could not get sufficient information to help in tracking him down.

Aduba however said his findings revealed that the kidnap kingpin was on drugs and speaks like a human being when he is sane, but like a monster once he had sniffed his drugs.

He attributed the spiritual prowess of Kelvin, which has been ensuring his safety to a shrine in Kokori, known as Egba, which he said most of the people owed allegiance to, stressing that information at his disposal indicated the person that could neutralize Kelvin’s powers was the Ose Egba (chief priest).

According to Aduba, his initial plan was to blow up the shrine, where Kokori people go to renew their charms, but he changed the idea to see how the chief priest could assist the police in the task of checkmating the kidnap kingpin.


  1. Why are the police so naive and wicked?Why are they so gullible?They must have connived with the criminal.Now they have killed innocent souls.God will judge you all.

  2. The events in the news looks like a Chike and the river story. It looks like something that’s should take place in the 50’s or 60’s whn little was known about advanced means of security. Granting pardon does nt mean u allow u terrorist roam the street withough suveillance. A guilty plead should be done in the court of law and it shuld result in a shorter term of punishment nt to free the person completely.
    If the world is moving as 60km/hr sorry to say Nigeria is moving at a milliped’s speed moving backwards at will.

  3. Adeleke & sherifat I thinh u shld understnd d story very well. He calld d cp to plead 4 pardon bcus he knew d pol were trailin him & could get @ him anyTime. Moreso d pol intnd using him to ttrack others which is normal even in a legal arena ( see d case of sergeanT roger). Although d cnsequenc ws high bt never intnded by pol. Moreso d cp aduba daT I know is a profsnal & Tactical pol officer.

  4. Mistakes are bound to be made. The police should get him since he (kidnap kingpin) is not ready to change. If he is ready to change, he should be taken to a physician for medical in vestigation to know if he is using drugs.


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