Leadership Failure, Bad Governance Bane Of Boko Haram, Says Obama

Barack ObamaLeadership failure and bad governance has been identified as the root cause of the insurgency challenge Nigeria is currently experiencing, according to President Barrack Obama.

The American President made this known yesterday during his two days state visit to South Africa.

According to Obama, government’s inability to invest in its youth and cater for its people has resulted in frustration which led to the various conflicts the country is facing at the moment.

He declared that the upsurge of terrorist groups in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries was because “the countries are not delivering for their people and where there are sources of conflict and underlining frustrations they have not been adequately dealt with.”

The U.S President noted that what is also true is that in some ways the problem has metamorphosed saying, “we have more regional terrorist organisations like Boko Haram in Nigeria espousing an extremist ideology, showing no regard for human life.”

Fielding questions from journalists, Obama stressed the importance of governments across the world investing on youths adding that where that is not properly done, no country can succeed.

He said “in terms of human capital and young people, I think the greatest investment any country can make, not just an African country, is educating its youth and providing them with the skill to compete in a highly technological, advanced world economy” adding that “countries that do not do this well will not succeed.”

He said America is willing to collaborate with Nigeria to train teachers and incorporate technology in the education system.

“Across board we are having a rethink in education and work force training. And one of the things we want to do is to partner with a country like Nigeria and identify ways that we can provide direct value added, whether it is in helping to train teachers or helping to incorporate technology into the education process,” he said


  1. I think the issue with some Nigeria is that they don’t know that there is no country with perfections. USA has her problems. Of course we have ours. He just wants us to agree that we need foreign aid. In one way or the other the problem with NG is all-embracing.

  2. Sincerely, Obama is not serious.He won’t come to Nigeria yet will keep mentioning us all over Africa? This is what I call obsession. Of course some of what he said were true but then it seems suspicious to me that who knows they might even be behind all these troubles we are facing if not why is he suggesting to help us by telling it to our neighbours . Our government is not the best. Agreed! But his is not the standard.

  3. i think obama is a liar,they are looking 4 a way to come to nig becoz nig have a lot of oil america dnt have anythin, this is hw they do others country’s,i think they should leave us along God we take control .

    • @Hope sorry for you, because the statement you posted is an indication of how backward you are in terms of news update about things happening around the world. If you must know, United State currently is an oil producer and that’s why their trade with Nigeria regarding oil has dropped recently.
      Please go and research before you post comments here.

  4. Its obviously true, most of the pple are not current about this global village (world) particularly…….selfishness ones……. Yet now u are in a darkness era……. OO boy come to the modern world>>>

  5. Although,some of what he said may be true but I don’t trust that guy. An average American President is an evil genius. Are we sure they are not d one sponsoring the insurgents. Let America government come and explain their role in MKO Abiola’s death. I know they are looking for something in Nigeria but God will judge them.


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