Machete-wielding Man Said Satan Was “within him” Before Allegedly Stabbing Two Men To Death


A machete-wielding man in Arkansas told officers that satan was “within him” before he allegedly stabbed two men to death, KNWA-TV repors.

Police arrested 20-year-old Gregory Aaron Kinsey at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Fort Smith in connection to the two murders, according to the network.

According to 5 News, the body of 39-year-old Brandon Price was found on the front porch of a duplex near the intersection of North 16th and North D Street. Nathan Young, 32, was found dead in the grass on the west side of the home.

A witness said he was on the porch having a beer with the two victims when he saw Kinsey walking through a nearby alley holding groceries, KNWA-TV reports. Kinsey and the victims exchanged a few words before he allegedly pulled out the machete and started swinging. He struck two of them before the three backed away, but he allegedly pursued.

He’s accused of hacking at one of them again in the alley. The unnamed witness says he hit Kinsey with a wooden board, at which point the suspect fled.

Kinsey told investigators that his mind was “clear” during the rampage and said it was like “watching a movie,” according to KFOR.

Two children were at the home where Price and Young were murdered.

Kinsey was charged with two counts of capital murder. He’s expected to be arraigned on July 3.

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