Male Train Drivers In Stockholm Switch To Skirts Because Shots Were Banned

Some engineers on a commuter rail line in Stockholm, Sweden, have taken to wearing skirts following a management ban on switching to shorts in the summer.

Martin Akersten is one of 13 engineers on the Roslagsbanan line who have made the change, The reported.

He told the newspaper, Mitti, temperatures in the train cab can hit 95 degrees, making long pants very uncomfortable.


“Of course people stare at you a little when you are on the platform, but you just have to put up with it,” he said.

Arriva, which recently took over operation of the line, notified drivers months ago of the dress code.

Arriva spokesman Thomas Hedenius said banning male engineers from wearing skirts would be discrimination.

Hedenius said shorts look “more relaxed” than either long pants or skirts, both of which are allowed for male and female drivers.


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