Man Almost Kills His Wife Using Pineapple

cb5afd2095d00203302edbaafc9957e4 There were no weapons around the house but one unlucky woman got knocked unconscious with a pineapple, according to police reports. Authorities said a 42-year-old Ann Arbor, Michigan man apparently struck his wife unconscious with a pineapple during a fight at home. Officers responded according to reports to the University of Michigan Hospital on Friday night after staff were notified about the injury to a woman, who is 32 years old. No one knows exactly when the woman was hit or what prompted the fight. Police said the woman did not cooperate beyond giving them basic information. Police say they found evidence of a fight at home. The office of the Washtenaw County prosecutor was asked to consider the request of the police for an arrest warrant on the man. Police suspect that during a domestic violence incident the man grabbed the pineapple and hit his wife in the head thereby knocking her unconscious, according to police reports. Since the woman refused to have her husband locked up for the crime maybe she will not allow anymore pineapples into her home. DKNY