Members Of The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Not Welcome In UAE – Police Chief

Egyptian Muslim brotherhood


Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, Lt. General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, warned that the Muslim Brotherhood is posing a grave danger to political stability in the Gulf as they tend to seize power and implement their ideology. Their interference in internal affairs of Arab Gulf countries was quite obvious in recent months, which is completely unacceptable for the states in the region.

Dahi said he had warned in the media long before the organisation came to power in one Arab country (referring to Egypt) about the dangerous nature of the group.

The police chief said he had alerted the governments in the region and members of the public about the evil interests of the organisation and uncovered the secret plots and the fact that they are trying to overthrow the regimes in the region, but the reaction to the warning was light.

“The organisation and its members in the region, however, become more aggressive when the Muslim Brotherhood assumes power in one Arab country,” Dahi said, not specifying. He said the organisation interferes more and more in the internal affairs of the Arab Gulf countries.

Lt General Dahi explained why the movement was considered a threat to national stability by saying the spiritual leader of the organisation told a a meeting of the Brotherhood in Sudan that the Brotherhood movement is “moving forward like a sweeping stream that will uproot all that is standing in its way.”

Dahi also stressed that the Brotherhood is planning to overthrow governments of Gulf countries and to seize power in the region.

He added that the Brotherhood runs clandestine organisations and has coup plans for the region. He also said that these plans are not a secret anymore as the leaders of the Brotherhood themselves publicize them.

He also said that as Arab fighters were taken advantage of in Afghanistan, the Brotherhood is taking advantage of the situation today to create new problems in the Arab world.

Lt General Dahi reiterated that all Egyptians other than those belonging to the Brotherhood are welcome in the UAE. Egyptians who are not affiliated to the organisation may enter the UAE any time and will not be banned from entering the country.

Speaking of the UAE and the refuge it provided to the Brotherhood leaders who had escaped persecution in their country at one time, he said that the country had no reservations against the Muslim Brotherhood at the time and it opened its doors to these shaikhs with all respect and esteem, and they worked as teachers.

The UAE received those as shaikhs, but they returned the hospitality by planting the seeds of their organisation in this country without realising the bad consequences of their activities.

He also added that the Brotherhood members tried to brainwash some people in the country to install certain ideas in their brains and even started blackmailing them.
He also pointed out that the Brotherhood does not rule according to Allah’s teachings and that they are liars.

He said that if they ruled by Islamic law then he would believe in them! Lt General Dahi then asked if it is acceptable that the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader receives Gulf nationals and appoints them emirs in Gulf countries. He added that the Brotherhood leader did in fact appoint emirs for the region, and he asked: Who gave him this authority to become the Caliph?

According to Dahi, there are those who are brainwashed and become a part of this organisation, and there are those who are lured by the Brotherhood and there are others who are pressured and threatened by them as well — as the organisation keeps records and photos of people to be used against them should they try to leave the organisation.

He said the UAE’s quick intervention and arrest of the clandestine group thwarted the Brotherhood’s plans in Arab Gulf countries.