Michelle Obama’s 5 Funniest Mean Girl Moments

If there’s one thing you know about Michelle Obama, it’s that she don’t take no mess! Case in point, her recent confrontation of a gay rights activist at the Democratic Convention fundraiser. As the first lady approached the heckler, telling her, “One thing I don’t do well, is this,” we couldn’t help but get excited about the authentic Chicago roots that she displayed.

One of the things we do well is find the best angry moments from Michelle Obama and put them all here for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below!

That time John Boehner had a conversation behind her back.


That time Carla Bruni paid better attention than her.

michell 1

That time her dinner was served cold.

michelle 2

That time she did an interview with Oprah’s BFF to prove she wasn’t an “angry Black woman.”

michelle 3

That time she was blatantly bored with the president’s speech.

michelle 4