My Girlfriend Suddenly Stopped Loving Me! Please Help!

Dear Tee,
I am in my late twenties. There is this girl I really love and care about. In the first place when we were together, she showed some love but later she changed! I really love her and am not ready to lose her! I am thinking that she is seeing other men. I still love her! Please, how can I win her love again? She is not showing any interest in me anymore, I have tried all possible ways to have her back, but she isn’t responding.

Dear Adigun,
From what I read here, you are in love with this girl. But I am sorry she is acting the other way round now. There are a lot of reasons she might have lost interest in the relationship. What are the things that attracted her to you in the first place? Have you stopped doing those things? Does she know you really love her as you professed here? Think about these things. Also, you need to ask her what is really wrong, communication is very powerful. If however, you try to make things work between you two and she is still not interested, let her be! You can never force anyone to reciprocate your love. And the more you pursue after her, the more she distances herself away from you. But one fact is sure; someone else would come around and reciprocate your love. Love is not a do or die affair, it is a mutual decision, trust me! Wish you well in your love life.

Yours Truly,

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  • All u need to do is to convince her dt u really love her,but if u discovered she is no longer intrested in d relationship,pls let her go, u cannot force her to love u nd forget about her.God will provide another girl that wld truly love u

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