Mysterious ’27 Club’: Famous Musicians Who Died At the Age of 27.

Most of people might know about it, very mysterious club, The 27 Club, also referred to as the Forever 27 Club, Club 27 or the Curse of 27, is the concept that many popular musicians have died at the age of 27, often as a result of “precipitous lifestyles that made them candidates for early self-destruction.

Amy Winehouse
Dead: July 23, 2011, 27 years and 313 days, probable drugs overdose.


Brian Jones
Dead: July 3, 1969, 27 years and 125 days, drowned in a swimming pool
Band: Rolling Stones

Jimi Hendrix
Dead: September 18, 1970, 27 years and 295 days, asphyxiated on vomit after combining sleeping pills with wine.
Band: The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys

Janis Joplin
Dead: October 4, 1970, 27 years and 258 days, drugs overdose
Band: The Kozmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band

Jim Morrison
Dead: July 3, 1971, 27 years and 207 days, cause of death listed as “heart failure”
Band: The Doors

Kurt Cobain
Dead: April 5, 1994, 27 years and 44 days, ruled as suicide by shotgun
Band: Nirvana

Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson
Dead: September 3, 1970, Barbiturate overdose, possible suicide
Band: Canned Heat

Ron “Pigpen” McKernan
Dead: March 8, 1973, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage associated with alcoholism
Band: Grateful Dead

Les Harvey
Dead: May 3, 1972, Electrocution by live microphone after touching it with his wet hands
Band: Stone the Crows

Source: Unbelievable Facts