NGF Crisis: Kwakwanso Lacks Moral Ethos, Says Jang

Jonah_jangFactional Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum and Plateau State Governor, Mr. Jonah Jang, has described his Kano State counterpart, Alhaji Rabiu Kwakwanso as lacking in moral ethos following his explanation of what transpired at last month’s NGF election.

Jang, who was defeated by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi by 16 votes to 19, but went ahead to declare himself as Chairman of the Forum with the active support of some Governors, cited his consensus candidature by the 19 northern state Governors as evidence of his victory.

Jang, in a statement on Thursday by the state Commissioner for Information and Communication, Mr. Yiljap Abraham, said by Kwakwanso’s admission, his nomination as chairman of the NGF by the northern governors was a political game, only showed the level of “descent to which some politicians had sunk in terms of lost moral ethos.”

Kwakwanso, on Monday, was quoted as saying though, the northern governors nominated Jang, some of them still voted against him because it was a political game.

Jang’s statement read in part, “Governor Kwakwanso’s account of events during the Northern Governors’ Forum, which led to the adoption of Governor Jonah Jang as the candidate of the region for the chairmanship of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, has thrown a moral glitz on Nigeria’s political turf.

“His admission that he personally nominated Governor Jonah Jang and asked Governor Suswam of Benue to support his move only because ‘it was a game…’ clearly showed a mind luxuriating in unethical lyrics.

“That the Kano State Governor could walk cool out of the room wherein ‘they’ had decided to set up Benue and Plateau for a national ‘fall’ tells us a bit about why we may not capture back soon Nigeria’s political morality. That he could nominate Jang as consensus candidate and still not ‘vote’ for him showed an incredible double-speak!”

Questioning Kwakwanso’s moral standing, the statement asked, “Where was the porch of integrity Kwakwanso had constructed as Nigeria’s Defence Minister?

“Is this ‘game’ part of the crafted Kwankwasiyya curriculum that must be passed by those under the governor’s tutelage? Is crass deception now being introduced as part of a leader’s necessary attitudinal regalia in Nigeria’s politics? Will this form part of our national values as we trudge toward 2015, and the years beyond?”


  1. Kettle calling pot black!! You aren’t even ashamed to come out and spit this crap! We tot election and concensorship are two different thing? Or is a man not entitled to his own opinion and choice again? It is you mr jang that lacks moral ethics if not you wud have accepted your defeat at the poll and fight those you felt didn’t vote for you on anoda level. At times I wonder if there will ever be hope for this country bcos things are so twisted now so much so that right has bcom wrong, and wrong is seen as the right! Thank God for God, we shall all give an unbiased account of our deeds one day!

    • Kwankwaso is not a disgrace but it is rather Jang who is a fool as old as he is,he cannot differentiate btw consensus and election, If somebody nominated you and you failed in the election does that still hold any water


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