Nigeria Has Never Had It This Bad Since Independence, Says Ribadu

jonathan-ribaduPioneer Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Malam Nuhu Ribadu reiterated his earlier statement that Nigeria is like a sinking ship because of corruption, insecurity, injustice and wanton killings of people.

Ribadu who spoke to the British Broadcasting Commission, BBC, Hausa Service, lamented the present situation in the country which he said has never been this bad since independence.

Ribadu’s latest comment might elicit another round of rebuke from the presidency which had only just recently described him as “ethically challenged and a political prostitute” for expressing similar view points at a public lecture organised by the Students Representative Assembly of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

In the BBC interview, Ribadu was quoted as saying, “We have never found ourselves in such situation, considering the level of blood shed. Some places are under emergency rule, crises in other places, level of poverty, injustice and corruption. I do not thought (sic) it will ever happen in Nigeria the way it is happening in the last two years.

“Go to the airport and see how many private jets are parked – there are 400 private jets standing from here (Abuja) to Lagos. Each of these jets cost the owner $10m, $20m, $30m to $50m and the cost of one jet can build a university, big hospital. But many people have it. Our leaders today are no longer using chartered flights because each of them uses his own. We never experienced this before. We are blessed with wealth but the money never goes to the common people. The only solution is for leaders to fear God and do justice,” he said.


  1. Critics without solution is more harm than good,ribadu should hlp nigeria govnmt if he thnnk he is wise and care for the ppl of nigeria.telling Jonathan to resisgn is jst lyk a son who says “he” the son will bear a son before his father.and it is an old tactics of of politics!

  2. Look at who is complaining of embezzlement of public were the efcc boss who could not do his duties to bring such criminals to books.the abacha family,IBM and ur employer OBJ were never questioned till today but these are the evil cabal that left our country in this for killings u of all people should know that ur kinsmen have no regard for human life cos nothing could compare to the genocide of the 1966-1970,1999 -2000 by ur master obj who committed genocide and have the effrontery to call it the odi solution.ribadu the efcc dog that goes only after some selected people who did not either step down from campaigning for a political post of interest or did not donate a tithe of their loot.u refuse to do ur work when u had the power and as such i command u to stay calm for good

  3. Ribadu is just a politician trying to use other people to create awareness for himself. Ribadu was the key started of EFCC, can he comes out and say this was my achievement in the office. Somebody should go and tell him to go and rest he can never be president in Nigeria.

  4. Many of these posts insulting Ribadu are very unfortunate and awfully disgusting, anyway i guess most of those comments are from SS people. The average SS man is very lazy, they are only interested in drinking ogogoro and engaging in criminal activities. What is d level of literacy in ur region, what percentage of Ijaw people is educated. May I inform u bunch of nonetity dt natural resources do not make great country, otherwise country like DR Congo & Angola would be d richest country in the world, Japan, China Uk, France and d rest have no oil but they are among d first 10 biggest economy in d world. May i also infom u dt oil will dry up in naija in less than 50yrs, i guess u will then start eating ur self. Demand accountability from ur governors since 1999 for Trillions of naira alloted to d region instead of blaming other for ur problem. I rest my case for now. Ride on Ribadu Naija need peopple like u.