Nigerian Billionaire, Mike Adenuga, Already Preparing For Death, Pays N200 MILLION For Burial


A recent update has revealed that Nigerian Billionaire, Mike Adenuga has spent a whooping N200 Million for a burial site.

The burial site, which is located at Vaults and Garden, an ultra modern cemetery in Ikoyi, Lagos is now final resting place of the rich and affluent.

According to reports, to get an average space in the cemetery would cost about N750, 000 and above. But if you would rather live an even more affluent life after death, N40 Million would get you some of the executive spots.

Report has it that even the super-rich have their own corner. Adenuga’s recently deceased sister had one of these to herself. The Globacom boss paid N200 Million to secure a space for his sister. Her next door neighbor in this exclusive section is Gboyega, son of another super rich man, Otunba Adekunle Ojora and his fashionable wife, Ojuolape. Gbegi, like he was popularly known, was born in 1960 and died in 2011.

Right next to him is one of the founders of GT Bank, Tayo Aderinokun. His final resting place is not only very wondrously decorated, but also boasts of his two giant photographs, smiling on those that are still living. We were informed that before the trio, however, is that of a true man of God, like it is dubbed inside the cemetery – the final resting place of former Redeemed Christian Church of God minister, Pastor Eskor Mfon. Born in 1953, he died in 2007.

It is quite wondrous that these rich are spending so much amount of money to get a posh burial ground, but wouldn’t the money be better served on the living, perhaps, donated to a charity?

What do you think?



  1. This is total insane. When the money can be given to the poor and needy in d society. It is not the same moth that will eat the rich man’s body and the poor man’s body? Won’t everything on this earth be wiped away when the end comes? Why can’t this rich men be wise enough to store their treasures where it can never be destroyed? (Giving to the poor and needy, so that they can have eternal treasures in heaven) I hope they remember the parable Jesus gave about Lazarus and the Rich man in the bible. Whether 200 million is paid for the rich man’s final resting place or not, the fact still remains, the poor and the rich will stand alike before the judgment throne of God and give account of how they spent their lives here on earth.

  2. Exactly what I’m saying. These so called rich men can never help the poor and the widows. Imagine paying 200m just for a burial space! How wicked and selfish!! So many people,including children and orphans are out there wasting away;and You are here buying a burial space for so much. God will continue to provide for his children. Die with your money!!!

  3. The world is truly coming to an End,when an average Nigerian can’t afford three square meal,may the. Rust in Hell,we should’nt forget so soon how OJB needs just. 16million for kidney transplant,and. No one is willing. To help,even those he helped to get to the top,paying 200million just for place. In a cementary we’re your soul will turn into Sand,heaven 4give u people.

  4. Wat a wicked world,despite al d agony nd suffering d poor masses going tru nd one idiot is payin a sum of 200m just 4 a burial space dat he doesn’t even sure mayb he wl die in plane crash may God 4bid dat in such a manner dat his body wl nt b found,d wise fool

  5. Well l am not surprise. That is what Nigeria is all about. It is their treasure they are laying on earth. They know they have no place in heaven. Most of these are ill gotten wealth. Beg them for a thousand naira, they won’t give u.

  6. God will help us . Imagine there is famine in the land , the poor are crying we are no more eating food but money and these rich men are heartless .Spending that kind of money on dead bodies , and not the bodies that are alive . Hummm these rich men needs serious deliverance ….


  8. All I know is that death is inevitable. the same death that will kill the rich will take the life of the poor. if you like spend billions to prepare for your resting place. My advice to the rich is to try and be good, because we don’t know when where and how death will come. my country people what about those that drawn or people whose body could not be found after death. May Allah have mercy on us Amen.

  9. Let him just realize that his thinking faculty is VEEEEEEEERRRRRYYY LOOOOOOOOWW, there’s possibility of him dying in a crash, fire or collapse building where his body will not be recovered. NONSENSE.

  10. Its a terrible world we live in. Some families cant even afford decent meals and here is someone spending 200m on burial site. This is a true attestation to d fact dat it is ill-gotten wealth, nobody who makes money thru honest means spends it on vain, vacuous things!
    It won’t stop u from going to Hell!!!!!!!