No Going Back On Gay Marriage, Death Penalty – FG

The Federal Government of Nigeria has rejected the recommendation by the United Nations Human Rights Council on the protection of same s*x marriage and abolition of the death penalty.

This is contained in the draft report to the United Nations Human Rights Council on resolution 16/20 discussed at a Stakeholders’ Consultative Forum on the second cycle of Nigeria’s Universal Periodic Review in Abuja on Friday.

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, same s*x marriage is against the tradition and customs of Nigeria, so it could not be imposed on the country by external forces.

 Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru
Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru

Addressing the representatives of Nigeria at the UN gathering, Ashiru, who wondered why gay rights had generated interest from the United Nations, queried the negative campaign against polygamy, which, according to him, was allowed in African tradition.

“You should not shy away from defending what you believe is right. Whatever is in our constitution, you must defend it. We must stand by our constitution. We must stand by our customs and tradition.

“If you want to have gay right in your constitution; fine, but we have our own constitution. The same human rights they want to protect for gay people; how about people that want to go into polygamy if they so desire and women are willing to marry them. Polygamy is human rights in our tradition.”

On the abolition of death penalty, the minister said Nigeria should not be blamed because the Criminal Code in use was enacted by the colonial masters, saying, “If anything is wrong about it, why are they blaming us?”

Ashiru also denied allegations of extra-judicial killings by the military against the Boko Haram insurgents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, where emergency rule had been proclaimed by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Challenging those with credible evidence to come forward, Ashiru maintained that the record of Nigeria’s military in peace keeping mission was unassailable.


  1. Thnk u alot,mr ambassador i don’t know why we leave our tradition dat teaches good morals and emulate bad culture whch destabilize our Nation

  2. Same sex marriage or Gay marriage what ever u called it is anti-social, anti-cultural, anti-moral and inimical to the background, religiousity and belief of entire nigerians and everyone who fall exception here should seek another Nation. Thank u!

  3. Same sex marriage is not allowed in all the states in the US.Also it is not allowed in Russia and all the arab states so why is the UNO not forcing these countries?

  4. my prayer is for God in his infinite mercy to grant our “some times cunning leaders” the spirit and selfless mind to continue resisting such pressurized offer that usually comes with lots of attractive packages from some of those so-called “Big Financial Donors “.

  5. Mr Ashiru keep on d good job God will Bless u. Gay n lesbianism is a sin b4 God n God is nt happy wit those dat r into it. God distroyed Sodom n gomora bcos of dat, so we shld be careful in oda nt to allow God anger to fall on (Nigerians)

  6. beware of galakuta zone nagerians gay’s bcos if i cought any living soul hmmm u wil even prefer 2 go 2 hell b4 ur time.fino

  7. i pray and hope that this gay thing never comes into Nigeria,people should know that it is not about human right,it is all about the population reduction in Nigeria,the black man is the biggest threat to the westerners so if they succeed to reduce us then they have one,just as they succeeded in southafrica,and afterwards they will then creat a war through which women will be raped to make a new race like they did in egypt,and lastly they will say that the country is theirs just like they say that egypt belongs to them abeg jare leave us alone we are not stupid Mr united nation.


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