Northern Leaders Need To Talk Less – TY Danjuma

ty-danjuma-2Former Defence Minister, General Theophilus Danjuma (rtd.), has lampooned Nigerian leaders, past and present for failing the nation.

Danjuma, who said this on Saturday in Zaria, Kaduna State, during his conferment with the traditional title of Jarma Zazzau by Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris, also decried the state of the nation and its economy which he said were in tatters.

He added that the country needed at this point was the wisdom of patriotic elders who would guide it in the right direction adding that the confused nature of Nigerians was a clear indication of failure on the part of its leaders.

The former army chief took the North to the cleaners saying that in a highly competitive world, the region’s children were missing out in qualitative and functional education, adding that poverty had become the lots of northerners.

Danjuma urged northern leaders to do less talking because according to him, they are “talking too much and doing less for the development of the North. We urgently need to put our house in order so we can overcome our various challenges.”

He added, “This is the time for elders to be circumspect and temperate in their utterances. It is not in our character as northerners to talk too much. We need to think more, pray more, plan more, work harder, relate better, but talk less. Battles are fought and won through wisdom and strategy than through inflammable pronouncement and political tantrums.

“It is most appropriate and gratifying that I am receiving this honour in Zaria where I spent some of my formative years. Zaria was one of the few northern cities that first opened her gates to pioneer missionaries in Northern Nigeria, which is why Wusasa has become the second home of many northern Christian leaders.

“Zaria has therefore distinguished itself as a beacon of religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence and educational advancement. Nigeria and especially Northern Nigeria urgently need to recapture the spirit of Zaria, the spirit of knowledge, tolerance, harmony, peace and prosperity.

“In spite of the many years of mismanaged opportunities and resources, I still believe that Nigeria can be reawakened and rebuilt to achieve greatness. If we renew our minds and reconcile with one another, if we coordinate our determined efforts, we can make Northern Nigeria self-reliant and self-sufficient, while enhancing the unity and prosperity of all Nigerians. But we must first have peace.”

He noted that as long as there was a wild gulf between the rich and the poor, there would be no peace and harmonious coexistence in the country.


  1. you executed a coup 4 them where u killed Gen Ironsi a fellow xtian n they ditched you. never gave you any political appointment viaout their 35yrs in power. Gen O.BJ e xtain came in n gave u defence minister now u r receiving chieftaincy titles from them when will u ever learn. who r they sending u to kill this time. u r d greatest fool the army has ever produced.

  2. A national leader whether retired or not is known by what he or she says, where & how they say it makes people see the wisdom behind their thoughts. T .Y Danjuma is a national leader any day anytime, he is not just a Northern leader as some of them has shown to Nigeria the stuff they are made. Nigeria belong to all, while power belong to God. The truth about all that he has said is that, Nigeria will hardly known peace if the gap between few privilege rich and the many deprived poor is not closed down, even if the so called northern extremists like the Buhari’s & the Atiku’s come into power again. Pls Y.E I pray that God should grant you the ability always to be able to speak the truth irrespective of who’s ox is gud. The problem of Nigeria is not where a president comes from, but Change of Attitude of our Leaders North, South, East & West & to accept every Nigerian as a brother. What is most imperative is, like Danjuma has said, Norther leaders should engage themselves in doing, planning & working more rather than talking too much over what is the cause of war in the North, that is, talking for the sake of their persoal interest enrichment.