Northern Muslim Elders Are In Trouble And They Know It – Matthew Owojaiye

The North is in a big mess and we know it. There is a revolution coming to the North and it will consume a lot of people. The Elders already see the revolution coming and they themselves are talking about it.


For a long time the Northern Muslim Elders have been able to turn the attention of the youth against Christians using religion. Northern states have produced 9 Head of States. Only one (Gen. Yakubu Gowon) is the only Christian. What did these 8 Head of States except Sir Ahmadu Bello do for the people? How come the people are poor when their own people have been in power most of the time?

Most of the Governors in the North are muslims. How come their people are so poor? How come they are the ones selling water in jerry cans? How come they are the ones doing shoe shining? How come they are the ones breaking fire woods into pieces? How come they are the ones doing maiguard, night guard work? These Northern leaders have cheated the Northern masses too much.
Most of the Federal Ministers from the North are muslims. What did their people benefit from it? Almost nothing.

The Northern States have far more Local Governments. None earns less than N100 million a month from the Federal Government. What did they do with it? The Federal Government pumped billion of Naira into nomadic education. Where is the result?
Most of those who are Ambassadors from the North are muslims. The Governor of Central Bank is a muslim from the North. The Minister of Education is a muslim from the North. The Inspector General of Police is a muslim from the North. The National Security Adviser is a muslim from the North. The Chief Justice of the Federation is a muslim from the North. There are more Northern muslims Senators.
There are more muslim Northern House of Representative Members. There are more Northern muslim Commissioners of Police. Most of those who own Petrol Stations in the North are muslims. Most of those who have been Executive Directors from the North are muslims. Most of the Vice Chancellors of Universities and Rectors of Polytechnics in the North are muslims. Most of the owners of trailers in the North are muslims. All who have ever been Vice Presidents of Nigeria from the North are all muslims. What have the Christians done in the North to cause poverty in the North that warrants total annihilation? They are attacking the wrong people.
Recently we heard that 80% of Oil Blocks are in the hands of Multinationals the Foreigners. But 80% of the remaining 20% are in the hands of 11 Northerners. Only one is a Christian. The remaining 10 are muslims from the North.
The only Christian among them is distributing the money all over the Country. Recently he gave Ahmadu Bello University N2.3 Billion.
By now we expect the masses in the North to call all their people who have Oil Blocks, all their people who have been Heads of States, all their people who have been Vice Presidents, all their people who have been Governors of Central Bank, all their people who have been Ambassadors, all their people who have been Federal Ministers, all their people who have been Director Generals, all their people who have been Governors and Deputy Governors, and all their people who have been Local Governments Chairmen to come and answer why the North is poor, why Northerners are suffering.
You can deceive the people most of the time but you cannot deceive the people all of the time.

It is not too late to prevent a bloody revolution. Stop blaming Jonathan. Come together and do the following:
1. Find the greatest need of your people. Vocational jobs, training and mass scholarships. Agricultural loans made available to the poor. Build dams and boreholes everywhere. Provide medical clinics that are functioning. Find projects that can touch their lives. Do launching and fund raising. Let all of the Big Men mentioned earlier come and give away half i.e. 50% of their wealth to help their people. They cannot finish spending the remaining 50% until they die peacefully. If they refuse to do this, the revolution will come and consume them. It will take away all their wealth.
You can ask President Jonathan to join you by donating generously to the projects. Multinational companies will also donate.
Time is running out. No need to play to the gattery. No need to do escapism. The Boko Haram has almost finished dealing with Christians yet their problems are not solved. They will descends on their Elders and consume them.
Soon the list of all who have license to export Crude Oil will come out.
Soon the list of all those who have huge deposit in their foreign accounts will come out.
Why turn muslim areas of the North into Ghost towns? Why destroy the whole place? Why present our youth for slaughter? What percentage of children of the rich are in terrorism?
Big people do not care if the poor die or if their children are being slaughtered daily.

Let the donation start coming in. let the fund raising start. Let the projects be advertised. Let Boko Haram suspend terrorism for six months. Let development break forth everywhere. Let massive youth vocational training take place.
The Northern children have high intelligence but they have no chance to develop it or show it. Let us give them a chance. The Elders have been selfish and greedy. Let them stop that. Let them show remorse. Let them repent.

They must start now stop all the rhetoric and start doing something now before it is too late.
Boko Haram and Amnesty
The call for amnesty for Boko Haram without talking about all who have been killed injured or affected is out of place.
The difference between Boko Haram and Niger Delta Militants
1. The militants did not attack mosques or churches.
2. The militants did not ask muslims to vacate their areas.
3. Niger Delta militants leaders were known and were ready for discussion. Boko Haram came as a faceless organization.
4. Boko Haram attacked innocent citizens, slaughtered some like rams, gunned some down and boombed churches. The Niger Delta militants did not do anything like that.
5. Niger Delta militants made their grievances known to Government for a long time before getting armed. Boko Haram just got up to kill.
6. Boko Haram must tell us their sponsors or sources of funds.
If you grant amnesty to Boko Haram members, then 2million people can claim to be members looking for benefits.
1. What compensation will Government pay for innocent people killed?
2. What compensation will Government pay for the injured?
3. What compensation will Government pay for those whose businesses were ruined?
4. What compensation will Government pay for those who were displaced and/or traumatized by Boko Haram?
All who claim to be Boko Haram should present their names, passport photographs, telephone numbers and places of abode, and states of origin.
Those who have committed murder, arson or terrorism will be tried.
Those who have not committed any crime should be let go.
Then State Governments should then arrange to train the jobless people among them. The Federal Government can come to the aid of the state Governments when they have shown commitment.
All the 10 other Northerners (i.e. except Gen T.Y Danjuma) with Oil Blocks should be made to contribute N10 billion each to the empowerment of youths of Northern States. Each state in the North should get at least N5 billion.

The over 300 churches and 1000 christian businesses ruined by boko haram post election violence should be compensated.-
Evang. Matthew Owojaiye Engr. Iliya Yusuf

Source: The Nigeria Today


  1. This devilish man is just looking 4 recognition.He wans GEJ to invite him 2 Aso Rock n giv him sum millions.let him go n ready nigeria history n find out hw many Northern Christian n nigerian christian gain frm oll doz government,if he doesn’t knw.he don’t knw dat most northern christians hv Muslim names n dey hv also enjoy higher position in oll past government.Religious Fanastic Man

  2. You have just spoken the obvious truth. We pray the self acclaim ‘so-called’ northern elders will heeled to this your amiable suggestion for the way forward. After all, I can’t remember who they have ever represented but their personal goal, using the poor illiterate jobless street boys as a means to an end. God protect the Christians in the north and bless my dear country, Nigeria.

    • You have said well, especially the advice, However, you need to have facts; Firstly the north has 8 heads of state/President (Gowon, Murtala, Shagari, Buhari, IBB, Abacha, Abdulsalami and Yaradua) not 9. Sardauna has never been a head of state/ President.
      Secondly I believe we don’t expect a Muslim to be a Gov, Dep Gov, minister, commissioner etc in Abia or Benue cos higher % of the people there are Xtians, likewise in Katsina or Sokoto. So % of Xtians/ Muslims in a particular states determines who represents them, or are there Muslims representives from the east or S/S ? no nobody will expect that. But in Kaduna, Plateau and Taraba you will find that cos both faith are strong and should have reps in NA, Ministerial, Embassy ETC.
      PLs its always good to be critical of what is happening in Nigeria today but we should avoid using Religion and ethnicity to heat up the politics

  3. I think what your saying is out of point if your not a norther nan then, you don’t have any problem with them. You are saying all the northern ministers are all Muslims yes we agree of that then can you mention any Muslim minister in southern Nigeria?, and you made mention of Northern Governors that there all Muslims then what of Plateau state Governor He is a Christean so please stop criticizing our elders go and mind your business. Go and ask Boko Haram to tell you what so ever you want hear from them all we know is that Our region is safer than yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I guest some of us will hear the truth neither see the truth, we will still bend it because is bitter to say. I as a human being created by GOD will continue to say the truth before I die. The evangelist did not say all your ministers are muslim neither all your Governors are muslim. Correct yourself now he said ALMOST all because they are majority in the HOUSE ok. Please, gentle Muslims, the man is fighting for your benefit as far the Northern states are concern. Can’t you people see the written on the wall? Don’t misinformed yourselves ok.

      We the Southerners are not happy we are annoyed with your poor status. The poverty that is in you is greater than that of your elders for now. Are you happy running around skelter helter without IBB, BUHARI, ATIKU and other leader CHILDREN? Look at it, all their siblings are not in Nigeria do you believe that muslims. Don’t take chances for granted my advice.

  4. The writter must be crazy, why are you always after the muslim world? How many Senators, minister, gov commissioner etc from the Southeast and southsouth are muslim? What is the development in those areas? All you’re doing is to takeover the whole country, in short time to come your secret will insha’Allah open,,,,,,we know you’re the reason behind bokoaram which is a fight against Islam and Muslim in this country.

  5. Hmmmm, politics and religion, but u didn’t tell us who u want to rule the north apart from the northern muslin elders or is it one of your plans to introduced and sponsored boko haram in the north to help you destroy the northern economy and eventually kill the northern muslin elders so that yuo can have the north control by your christian elders? No wonder, but your plan has failed woefully and I can see you professing and devising another means by instigating revolution in the north in order to actualise your plans to kill all the northern muslin elders by their own people, man go get another plan because these too will fail, may be you should look somewhere else to gain your support and popularity because we would never allow what happened to northern cameroun elders to happen to the muslims community in nigeria by making second class citizen in this country you plan. Mind you, you would never win back up man

  6. Every lover of this Great Nation should watch Topmost video on Galaxy TV Monday bet 6am to 6.30am a wake up call dat we should all Arise n save dis nation from collapse. Nigeria will survive,, Topmost say so,,,

  7. waiting to for your next rubbish talk I think the hang over still remain, well ppl like never archives anything in life. idiot

  8. Well spoken, forgetting religion, northern elites are the cause of the ruin there, they will definitely pay sooner or later cos what goes around definitely comes around

  9. Hello fellow Nigerians….. i will say in all that i have read tonight that there alot of truth has been revail whether we like it or not let make a good practice in this words that we have heard…… This is no time to say is saying this or talking this…. Nigeria should do something about this country situation.. let make amendment….. correct the wrong now….. God is anger, we just leave by his mercy let come together and council corruption. let stop the killing and bombing and let go for the best,, cos we re the best in Africa.

  10. Maybe the evangelist is a bit emotional in his contributions,but truth be told,you really CANNOT discount some of the points he has made.
    We should refrain from politicising everything or comment in discourse.

    The Northern elders (of course mostly muslims) have possessed the critical mass of positions either appointed or elected and i daresay,their people have been worse for it
    There really can’t be any argument about that.

  11. It is the height of ignorance and intolerance to denigrate or disrespect any religion.
    NOBODY has that right,in the same token NOBODY has the right to force-feed,kill,maim or bomb a group because they don’t believe in your religious doctorines

    The point the writer is making here is quite simple,In spite of all the muslim dominance in polities and political appointments how has it benefited their region(We must not lose sight of the question).

    I have muslim friends both from the northern and southern parts of the country(my mother is muslim),who totally disagree with Boko haram.

  12. Northern leaders ar not responsible 4 how set-back. Illiteracy is the course, we are gradually solving our problems. In many years back northern universities are dominated by southern lectures & students but now ….


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