NSC Forfeits Bash Ali’s Title Fight, Reportedly Manhandled by Policemen.

Bash Ali.
Bash Ali.

Veteran boxer, Bash Ali’s proposed world Guinness title fight has been dealt a heavy blow as the National Sports Commission has finally forfeited the boxer’s hope for funds to prosecute the bout.

NSC chairman and Minister of Sport Bolaji Abdullahi stated that the commission will not be able to sponsor the fight during a ministerial press briefing in Abuja on Monday.

The historic fight has been put together by Ali to enable him become the oldest boxer ever, a title presently enjoyed by George Foreman of the USA.

There were other reports Ali was manhandled by policemen when he moved to see the Minister in Abuja last Thursday for which Abdullahi has apologized.

Ali had pleaded with several governments, been to different public offices and the People Democratic Party’s national secretariat for support ahead of the fight scheduled to be hosted in the Country.

Veteran Boxer.
Veteran Boxer.

At the inauguration of the ‘Rhythm N’ Play’ grassroots sports development programme at the Abuja National Stadium, LEADERSHIP Newspaper reports that Ali had scuffled with President Goodluck Jonathan’s aides, which later attracted the attention of the president. He was allowed to see the president, stated his mission and, when Jonathan asked the Minister on Ali’s case, he said it was in process.

Ali also revealed that when he opted to see the minister at a private luncheon last Thursday, he was manhandled by the minister’s police aides and denied audience.

According to the boxer, the proposed fight won’t cost the government as much, corporate organizations have indicated interest to finance the event, but for the government to endorse.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP Newspaper on Monday, Ali expressed confidence in the president’s resolve, but thinks the ministry have played foul for not keeping to their promise.

“My president is a man of honour; he will not say something and do another thing. I saw him one on one last Thursday. But if the minister is doing otherwise, then Nigeria is in trouble,”


  1. I need to state categorically here that the Minister never ordered his security details to manhandle the boxer, the boxer appeared at a private lunch of the Minister and some guest who graced the Rhythm N’ Play official launch without being invited and requested to have an audience with the Minister. I must emphasize that it is the duty of the security detail of the Minister to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment Bash Ali’s presence could cause. For the records the all time boxing champion was not manhandled as reported by online media and blogs, the security men only escorted him out of the meeting venue.

  2. Bash Ali request that the Fed. Govt sponsor his fight with a whooping some of 1million dollars, a request the govt turned down by making him realize such big fight can only be sponsored by the private sector as the govt only have budget for amateur boxing federation only. The Hon. Minister made this known to the boxer yesterday at the Ministerial platform where he made a Mid-Term assessment of the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration at the Radio House Abuja! I think we need to set our priorities right and that’s exactly what the Minister is trying to make the public understand on Bash Ali’s case.