Obama Applauds Ruling On Gay Marriage


US President Barack Obama has hailed the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a law defining marriage as between a man and a woman – a major victory for supporters of gay marriage.

“The laws of our land are catching up to the fundamental truth that millions of Americans hold in our hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free,” he said in a statement issued by the White House.

The Supreme court had ruled in favour of gay marriage, with supporters of same-s*x marriage celebrating their triumph all over the country.


  1. The bible makes dis days clear to us dat ”MEN WILL BE LOVER OF THEMSELVES” in the end time…my follow brothers and sisters, lets pray dat we shouldn’t be a victim of it…may God have mercy on the lost souls!

  2. That is a country where EVERYONE pays TAXES this is why religious beliefs are put to the side when laws are made……gay people pay the same taxes and want the same rights ……..very soon moslems will ask for the right. To have four legal wives ……America has come a long way from ending slavery and giving a woman the right to voter and abort an unwanted baby. Equality there means putting religious rules aside and allowing all TAXPAYERS the same priviledges ! Nigerians have no value for the Nigerian citizen except reminding them about hot hell fire …… If ur sick u die …..u don’t get the chance to be flown abroad like the dishonorable politicians ……is that not worse than HELL ??? The gay people have fought for their rights and won while foolish Nigerians are here tellng them they will go to Hell ……WHy don’t Nigerians demand for their own rights too roads,hospital,public water,electricity etc. On judgement day God will ask u why u allowed corruption to remain in ur generation and if ur excuse is not good enough u too will go to Hell !! FYI I’m a born again Christian but have lived in America before *nd no I’m not gay !!! Meditate on my words !!!

    • What is wrong is wrong no matter who engineered it and for whatever reason (s) it is done. If you are right-thinking, you will know that same sex marriage is unnatural and should not be welcome by any responsible government. When people advocate for such an evil may be becuase they are also perpetrators of same. God save this dying generation!

  3. Obama is a devil. American society is an example of sodom and Gomorrha. But we can learn a lesson from all of these. Every civilization has its own culture and ethos. No society should seek to be like or blindly imitate the other. I do not envy America. I have no respect for their so called freedoms. Democracy or equality can be better practised or realised through programmes that empower the poor and vulnerable audiences rather than change age-old God-given traditions. America cannot change the meaning of marriage. No way.

  4. This is the end of the world. Bible prophecies are fulfilled. America the ancient Babylon have risen to destroy mankind. The next will be more laws to implement 666. But only the righteous shall be saved. Are u for Jesus?

  5. Foolish Nigerians that live beside filthy gutters no light,no running water, dying like flies on terrible roads, no hospitals,no ambulances, no jobs breathing carbon monoxide smoke poisoning, no security,armed robbers and kidnappers ruling the night ……..can’t u fools see u are already in hell ? Other foolish groups abroad are fighting for their perverted rights and making progress while u sit down like weaklings in ur own suffering . You too can organise and gather ur resources and fight for ur rights. From ur government ….come out of ur earthly hell NOW !!!!!

    • @ Cindy. You speak like one of them. I’d rather be a puppet and keep my integrity than to dine with the wine of the devil. Whether u believe it or not, by Bible standards, all homosexuals, ifeminites, lesbians, fornicators, adulterers, thieves and whoremongers etc shall not have their part in heaven but hell. Whatever we see on earth has it’s period of expiration. The world would one day be completely destroyed. All the beautiful and dirty places on earth shall be wiped away. A new era of God’s kingdom would surface- a new heaven and a new earth. Only those redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb shall be there. So it’s not all about the beauty of America. After all America and the western world have their challenges ranging in many ways- such as promiscuity, gangster, pimps, gigolo, murder, sucide, pornography etc.