O’Odua Group Warns Tinubu, Other Yoruba Leaders Against Political Romance With Hausa/Fulani

buhari_tinubuSelf-determination groups in the South West have urged Yoruba leaders to pay more attention to the restructuring of the country instead of focusing attention on presenting a presidential candidate for the 2015 general election.

The groups under the aegis of the O’Odua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC) also warned Yoruba leaders against forming political alliance with any ethnic group that does not believe in the restructuring of the country to reflect true federalism.

The ONAC said that winning the 2015 election should less concern the region than restructuring the country, noting that, “elections are short-term solutions while restructuring of the country offers an enduring solution to the contradictions of Nigeria, a country that continues to stifle the populace.”

In a statement by its Assistant Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ayoola Ajayi in Ibadan yesterday, the body warned that never before in history had any alliance between the Hausa-Fulani in the North and the Yoruba nation produced a meaningful result adding that Chief Obafemi Awolowo did not at any time attempt an alliance with the largely reactionary and feudalistic North.

It said: “The alliance of the Yoruba people should be with progressive and pro-restructuring forces in the middle-belt, the South-South and the South-East. The Hausa-Fulani North will forever repel any attempt to restructure Nigeria. Our alliance should not be with feudalists.

“More than any time before, Yoruba people must speak up and ensure the race is not sacrificed on the altar of northern political interests.”

However, the ONAC cautioned the Niger Delta region on the consequences of supporting a presidential candidate based on sentiment.


  1. Very sound reasoning! What this group said is the voice of god, those behind the APC from yorubaland are renegades. Their ultimate concern is their pockets and the welfare of their immediate families. Imagine, despite this fundamental truth here about this northern feudalist, some Yoruba people are sheepishly aligning themselves with blood tasty Buhari and a bastard called el Rufai. The spirit of our master Awolowo will continue to hunt this renegades!

  2. Good day,with what you have been saying just that am obviously glad that we can still have a group or someone can face or saying the nitty-gritty about this.Keep it up may the of our leader chief Obafemi Awolowo be with you.AMEN.

  3. We truely are headed some where profitable as a nation.Any time the people learn from the past-history anather realm is abt to be entered.
    I salute your courage for speaking out.The romance is selfish,unholy and bias.
    Buhari wants to president by all means.
    Question is,Is he the only ‘genuine’ man in the north?

  4. This group is God sent to the Oduas read history and be informed. The south south can live together because they have similar religion tradition and culture,but the south west alliance with the fulani and hausa in the north will be slavery to the south west. The fulani-hausa believe they own Nigeria this is one reason Nigeria cannot develope as an entity. (Nigeria is suppose to be an entity not own by one ethnic group or religion).

  5. This form of reasoning is simply full of hatred and insincerity.I can’t imagine a ‘learned’ man vomiting such poison of ignorance!North,Middle Belt,South-South,South-East and South-West(Yorubas).Where is this zoning found in Nigeria?Are all Northerns Hausa-Fulanis,?In what ways are we better than them as seen in this so called Democracy?How many Hausa-Fulanis has ruled this Country?Please stop this Deceit.A good romance with ALL parts of the Country will lead to a good relationship and will bring about good understanding which will altimately lead to a vibrant development of our dear Country!

  6. Thank GOD for a group like u, u don’t need a prophet to tell that 99.09percent of the people aren’t sincere and all their talk lately has been confusing and deceitful.many of them are signing away their birthright just to be in power.

  7. God bless u guys for this.we should tell our self the truth for once,this people don’t what us. This people are heartless human life is nothing to them,what is happening today in our dear country today,the are the course of everything yet the what people at all course. God bless u guyz once again.

  8. I pray for this group, may God give you the grace to fight this gud fight of faith. You will succeed in Jesus name Amen. I never knew there are still Nigerians who still believe in reality. TINUBU will be so disappointed in 2015 whn those blood thirsty B/H advisers display their true colour.

  9. Am very happy our people are now coming back to senses. Nigeria is supposed to be more developed than most Asian countries but because we allow tribal sentiment to overtake us thats why hausa/fulani via British conspiracy have sent our beloved country into village toilet. May God continue to bless this group more wisdom and knowledge. God bless mama nigeria.

  10. A very good point sir. I agree with u in all totality. The north are not people any party should consider going into any form of coalition. Their too troublesome and they don’t work towards the integration and unity of this country all they care is to be president which to me is pure madness and power drunked. They have never considered how they can join hands and fight insecurity in our country instead some of them support the crises and killings to destabilize Jonathan govt so that they will in return criticise his govt and seek support. Whereas all the formal heads of state and top leaders of the past are from the north and still alive. My own is that, one must not be the governor of a state or president to effect a positive change in his/her state our the country at large. You gain more respect when you work and give out yourself for others and not expecting award in return. Wake up naija and work where ever you are. Nothing is too much to do for country.


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