Over Sabi: “I was misconstrued” cries actress Juliet Ibrahim on OJB illness


Ghanaian model and actress Juliet Ibrahim has come under massive criticism from both fans and critics alike. The actress came on social networking site Instagram and release a press statement accusing ailing singer and producer OJB Jezreel’s handlers to stop harassing celebrities for funds and even worse that his team are asking for $100,000 were as what is really needed is $50,000.

The actress has come forward to say that she is been misjudged and never intended to send across the message the general public is getting.

“I don’t mean for my tweets to be misconstrued and I won’t take OJB’s health problems with levity as many have misconstrued me…all I was trying to do was bring an idea of where we can get the transplant done since it’s utmost necessary we get it done soonest and funds ain’t coming in as much expected, thus, I thought we could try a better and certified centre which isn’t as expensive as the current one in UK when there are several cheaper countries to perform the surgery. Also instead of people lashing out on celebrities, they should rather be asking the government to help.

“It should be further noted that we are all finding a lasting solution to help end the pain of the talented entertainer and bring smile to his face once again and not generate issue out of someone’s suggestion or hand of help,”

She stated further “Currently I have 2 relatives living with kidney failure whom I’m responsible for and caring for, thus, I’m no stranger to whatever OJB is going through.”


  1. Girl your are a beautiful fool. N15m is needed and we have N24.5m now then you come back to talk shit and not apologizing. Die in a hell Doctor Mrs. Juliet Ibrahim. OJB will be fine and Nigerian don’t need you. Fuck off!!!!!

  2. @Juliet,ibrahim,u,re,senseless,coz,u,ve,bni,able,to,prove,hw,foolish,u,re,behind,ur,useless,pretty,face.I,pity.d.so,called,man,in,ur,life…

  3. that so-called juliet ibrahim is an imp, she can go to hell with her postitution money useless old sick dead body. Nonsense

  4. Please,,Let’s not crucify Her. I think She actually meant well. Maybe Her approach was wrong,,But She had a noble intention


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