Pesticide Poisoning Kills Two Girls In UAE

Hafsa and Sawda
Hafsa and Sawda

Two girls have been killed in suspected pesticide poisoning in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Two daughters of a Bangladeshi family died in Ajman and the cause of death is suspected to be inhalation of fumes from pesticides that were sprayed in a neighbour’s apartment.

The children’s father, Habib Allah, told newsmen his two daughters fell sick and were taken to a hospital for treatment after reportedly inhaling pesticide fumes.

Habib Allah said that he noticed a strong odour coming from the apartment adjacent to his in the building in the new industrial area in Ajman, but did not know that it was pesticide.

His two daughters, 3-year-old Hafsa and 8-month-old Sawda, fell extremely ill and turned pale. The family took their daughters to a hospital where they were given medication. The girls were discharged from the hospital after treatment.

The two girls however fell sick again and were taken to the intensive care unit at Khalifa Hospital in Ajman as their condition worsened. Hafsa died in the hospital at 7pm and Sawda died three hours later.

The neighbour who used the pesticide was not present in his apartment because the pesticide company had asked him to stay away for at least two days. However, the tenant failed to inform his neighbours. Police have taken the neighbour into custody and have sealed the flat pending investigations.

Ajman Police are investigating the incident. Blood samples have been taken from all family members and autopsies on the girls’ bodies have also been done to determine the cause of death. Samples of the pesticide are also being examined.

According to the police, the incident happened on June 1. However, the police revealed details after the girls were buried on June 13 after completing the forensic examinations.

It has not been established yet if the pesticides contained banned materials.