PHOTO: Baby Found Floating Inside Well In Lagos



This was sent in by a reader yesterday…

“Please we saw this cute fair hairy baby boy, swollen and floating inside well, in my street at lagos, Isachi.
Gush some girls are so heartless. I have been crying, my husband opened the well last night then I saw it,Police men came to fetch out the baby this afternoon and I saw the baby this afternoon, just two houses after mine.

The mother’s blood and placenta is on the street .

The worst part of it, she dropped the baby in front of a woman that has been looking for child for the past years.The well is in front of the house that the woman is living,police came and she has ran away even the 3 girls who are her room partners have all ran away.
Guys, there is no other name for this, it is pure wickedness. may his gentle soul rest in peace.



  1. This is outright wickedness! Gosh!!! Many are on the line with thier prayer request asking God for the fruit of the womb. May God have mercy on her


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