PHOTO: Governor Fashola Buying ‘Boli’ (Roasted Plantain)

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Since the governor of Lagos can’t get Boli in Shoprite, he heads to street where he could get.


Source: Nairaland

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  1. He is a simple as Godly person. He is among the best governor, Nigeria ever had. Oga may God hlp and bless U. Baba Fashola

  2. This boli seller is very toushe, to be using stainless steel serving- fork to roast the boli. I’m sure this is not seen on the streets of the lagos we know, maybe the streets of villa abi?

  3. Its one of those things, he feels he is a human being like others, so he believes he is free and go around the street. Kudos sir, bt we still expect more good works.

  4. What’s wrong with a governor buying boli, is he not human?
    Pls give us better information n stop all dis unecessary gist u bring up.
    Imagine, sammy okposo’s daughter dresses unclad, jide kosoko’s daughter disgraced. Maybe d next will be president goodluck goes to toilet in aso rock, pls admin take note, these things are everyday life cos they are beings like us.

  5. Gov. Fashola,

    U cnt satisfy all but u ave render the best humanitarian service that i cherish so much.

    Is nt easy for an ordinary Local Gov chairman to do that but u did it, am sure u ask question about how u can touch d life of d people of that standard.

    U changed Lagos
    U touched lifes
    U are presentable
    U are a rolemodel
    U worked wit pple of d same focus
    U remain my best Gov.

  6. Fashola,u are the best gov.i really appriecate ur good work.i pray someday u be the president of this country nigeria prayer to u is that u will live longer and longer above ur enemies amen.i love u so much my govern.u have human feelings.

  7. Kudos 2 u our dear honourable Governor, u hav rily shwed a gud example dat u ar nt dat pumpous or 2Big 2 eat wat odas ar eating as a Governor u ar 2much u wil always remain my No.1 Governor GOD BLESS N KEP U SIR…….

  8. Is not a crime for the most dedicated, committed and hard working governor in the country to be buying boli on the street of Lagos state, your opinion is not needed at all as a matter of fact you are free to criticise him he remain the best in the country.
    Oga remember to buy epa along Eko oni baje o

  9. The truth shall set you free. Where is this? I know that boli is usually sold by the road side and I know that many road side traders have been cleared by the task force. Fashola govt. is very keen about this mega city thing that means hawkers find your way.

    Where is this? The picture is more of political message to show the street traders that govt. is no longer after them. The picture is not about gov. really buying boli to eat, it’s about strategising for certain things in 2015. I look fwd to see more of pictures like this with governor dancing with people of Ajegunle, Agege, Okoko, Agboju, Amukoko and Owode among other shanty locations.

    The truth shall set you free, where is the boli being sold in Lagos with the man haunting the street traders in front of boli seller, something is amiss.

  10. U av don well but dere are still some areas dat need ur attention,like ipaja ayobo area…its a little funny 2 see im buyin boli buh it showz he’z nt a proud person.

  11. @Seun yusuf, its either u’re shortsighted or completely an ignorant being to say Gov Fashola has changed Lagos. In what way has he changed Lagos? Is it with excessive tax? Or Agbero’s he keeps breading from all corners nd even legitimize them by giving Uniforms to them? Or with the proposed “Mega city” promise in 4years that he’s no where close to it even after 6years? Or is it with his Autocratic system of governance? Plz don’t annoy me with all this stupid nd senseless praises. “He buys a Boli on the street” is that a criteria for a gud Governor? Plizzzzzzz!

  12. Infact I am very proud of Fashola ,He is the type of late Dr. M.I.Okpara who gave agriculture proper attention because of His public experience.The story has it that the late Legend sent one of his aids, to buy some crates of eggs for His use ,it turned out that almost all the eggs were rotten, and that informed his establishment of Farms All over the former Eastern Region,piggery, poultry, ranches, Rice mills, etc
    Fashola may have a reason for doing what He did. Fashola is an innovator, a Man of action,and an optimist,a visionist, and has a mission He is looking at to accomplish.It is a testimony that being a Governor is not something to be proud of but being a human and humble and part of the society, giving Him room to acces more the level of poverty in Lagos Community settings. I thank Fashola for that example.


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