PHOTO: Yvonne Nelson Shows Off Her Panties In See-Through Dress

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is a stunner, and she never seems to disappoint us when it comes to rocking the latest outfit.

In the picture below, the actress posted a picture on her instagram page looking lovely, but if you look hard, you can tell the colour of her underwear.

For a very popular and exposed actress like Yvonne Nelson, we believe this are part of the things she should watch out for before going out in public.

Or do you think she did it intentionally?



  1. i tink she had a mirror on d wall and it’s meant to correct her wen she’s lukin wrng. U cnt tell me dat such a celebrity will leave her huz witout lukin up her self in d mirror. So it’s intentional

  2. nonsense talk, what’s there if u can see the colour of her panties? if its the main thing u see, that one will be story now u don’t see anything and yet u make a story of it. taaaaaaaa busy body. soon u will go to market and criticize those selling panties saying they shouldn’t sell it. its bad thing to sell panties in the market.