Photos: Brazilian Man Pays Doctors To Make Him Look Like A Dog


A man in Brazil has undergone surgery to look like a dog. According to reports, the man in question loves dogs and wants to look like them. His eyebrows, mouth, ears and part of his head were all worked on. The pictures are very disturbing. Click below to see them if you can.





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  1. nw, some fools will say he has his life to live and if any Nigerian celeb should copy dt, they’ll say if it’s in d west, u’ll be criticised. anyways, i believe some children of fire will like to copy him and join him of his unreturnable trip to hell. Bastard to human race

  2. You people are so idiotic, just use the internet and find out that this isnt true, The images do not really show a living man with a dog’s face. The images are the work of Brazilian performance artist Rodrigo Braga. Braga had a veterinary surgeon sew the muzzle, eyebrows and ears of a dead dog onto a replica of his face. The artist produced a series of photographs depicting the procedure. Digital manipulation was also used on the images. An animal shelter had previously euthanized the dog used in the procedure because it could not be rehomed. The dog’s body was used with the permission of local authorities.

  3. It is a shame that man that God created in his own image after his likeness would now want to look like a beast.this freedom will certainly lead many to hellfire .This is satanic and should not be encouraged at all.May God have Mercy