Question and Answer session on Twitter with singer Waje


Singer Waje just dropped her album titled “Words aren’t just enough” and the hype about it was justified; every song on it was a hit.

Waje, who also just recently signed a mighty endorsement deal with Glo as one of its ambassadors, has a rising  fan base of over 80,000 followers on Twitter.

Waje made out time to answer questions from her followers on twitter; #AskWaje trivia revealed some secrets we never knew and also gave valuable insights into the life of the talented singer.

Below are some of themost revealing of the session.

Q.     If you weren’t a singer, what would your profession be?

My dear maybe i would have just been a song writer or producer sef. One way or the other i must be in music.

Q.     Rumours have it that you have a daughter, can you tell us more about her?

Her name is Emerald and she’s 14 in S.S.2

Another fan asked how old she was when she gave birth to her 14 year old daughter, the singer revealed she was 18 years then. She also said she’s ready to give her daughter a new father.

Q.     She was further asked what she does for a living apart from music? and she replied;

own a sch nd a one stop mall

Q.     What do you intend to do after the glitz and glamour of music ?

Take care of my husband and kids and run my school

Q.     What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Nervous and forgot our anthem in 2009

Q.     Did u really undergo breast enlargement as rumoured some time ago?

Shey na dem help me? mchew

Q.     Waje, you started from the church, trained by the church, and  now that you’ve diverted into secular music,  how is your spiritual life like? How often do u go to church?

WAJE Yes you’re entirely right and I owe every single thing I have to God. I go to church several times a week o . If no be God…

Q.     Which celebrity husband will you prefer as your husband?

Maxwell or john legend

Q.     What’s d most expensive item in your closet?

Hmmmm can’t say, don’t think I’m that much of a spender



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