School Prank: Graduating Students Put Up Their School For Sale At $1.2million


It looks like some students at Paul Kane High School in St. Albert, Alberta decided to leave an impression before they left high school.

According to a post on Reddit, the school was put up for sale by graduating high school students as a prank and is for sale on Kijiji for $1.2 million. The ad even goes as far as saying it’s on sale by the principal and lists a number to call.

“Tired of buying furniture? Why not simply ask the youthful workers in the construction class to make them for you?” the clever ad asks.

It just might be the right home you’re looking for, says the ad, as it comes complete with gigantic kitchens, multiple fashion design rooms, a private lounge featuring multiple tables and party-sized dance floor, a gymnasium and a private cosmetology lab.

The sale includes all staff members, including those teaching and those assisting, as well as all full-time and part-time students but not custodians.

Because of that, the ad asks prospective buys to, “Please clean up after yourself as a respectable human being.”

The sellers assure potential buyers that students are built for “optimal performance,” and will “meet your every need,” whether it may be a haircut or drama performance.

The viable possibilities of owning such an amazing place are virtually endless, says the ad.