Second Coming: Mourinho Confirms His Return to Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho.
Jose Mourinho.

In recent times, there has not been any other pre- destined summer manager’s move like that of Jose Mourinho’s second coming to Chelsea. And it reminds one of the saying, “all we need is love.’

The Special treatment the Portuguese did not get in Madrid lies waiting at the Bridge and the internet (particularly Twitter) were flushed with pictures of Mourinho arriving at Heathrow airport late yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, with excited Chelsea fans welcoming Jose home.

It has now been confirmed from the horse’s mouth and will be unveiled soon. Madrid President Fiorentino Perez, who was re- elected unopposed as Real president had earlier told Sky Sports ‘The Special One’ is home-bound this summer.

Last night, a certain Spanish television aired Mourinho’s confirmation of his second coming.

“At the end of the week I will be the manager of Chelsea,” Jose Mourinho said. “I feel the people there love me and in life you have to look for that. Life is beautiful and short and you must look for what you think is best for you.”

Mourinho remains the most decorated manager in the history of Chelsea FC, winning six trophies in just over three years at the club including Chelsea’s first league title in 50 years, and most notably in his first tenure. He left the club on mutual consent in 2007, four months after winning the FA Cup.

For the fans, Mourinho is back; the glory days are back. One of the most predictable transfers in recent times has seen the green light. Welcome back!


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