See What This Woman Did To Herself Because Of Money


Mrs Jimoh Mulikat Adebukola and her six-year-old twins were caught at Lagos Airport carrying 4.050 kg of substance confirmed as cocaine. She concealed 3.350kg in almost every part of her body, including on her breast and underwear.

She also used her innocent six years old twins to carry about 700 grammes of the illicit drugs. Spokesman of the NDLEA, Mitchell Ofoyeju, quoted Mrs Jimoh as saying:

“I have problem of my children’s school fees. I have six children and I intend to give them good education. I also have younger ones and aged parents to take care of. They asked me to swallow the drugs, but I was afraid, that is why I packed them in my body.”

Now that she is going to prison, how will she pay the school fees? People really need to be wise!


  1. This is such a sad story, we are blessed with so much human capitla in Nigeria yet there are NO jobs for those who want to work, however there is NO excuse for what the lady did, you don’t take care of a bad situation with another bad thing. I believe desperation drove. So so sad

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  3. @ yunusa nasir @ Egbo Egbo, two of you must be very stupid by saying like kind of a thing, and you must be among of people swallowing our money and you are here vomiting rubbish from ur mouth

  4. why did you have to spoiled some one child with drugs, in order to send your own children to school to have bright future? it is not fair.

  5. As 4 me I didn’t blame the woman,I will blame our federal govt simply bcos they did not have any good provision for there citizens,our leader have been stealing our billions into there own pockets so if I too have the opportunity to carry the cocine I will do, if our leader is not stopping there corruptions I don’t think drug trafficking will stop in NIGERIAN. GOD BELSS NIGERIAN

  6. We all no drug trafficking is a dad thing but let us not condem her.she have a reason of doing what she did
    no woman will love seeing their children soaking garri every morning she did what she need to do in other to survive in body is clean we are all into one bad thing nor the other..let leave judgment for God…

  7. in this world we will have trials, tribulations, hard times. but Jesus said we should be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. we need Jesus in our lives and we need to trust Him to provide for our needs! cast ALL your cares upon Him ,for He cares for you!

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  10. These are people who dont have patience in live, no horry in live nd no need for quick money u wount enjoy. Anyware, justice must to prevail!.

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  13. Is it that, what she has done is so bad than what our people in Nigeria are doing,the killing of fellow human every way,or the public fund embazzle by our citizens?she was trying to help herself out in this heard time in Nigeria,if she came to ask any of us for help,no one i repeat no one would have help her,if you know of a truth that you would have help,then if you like kill her but if not let her go before the wrath of God descend on you and your family.

  14. What are we even talking about?those people that cought her hw sure are you dat they are not drug dealers,so d are birds of thesame feathers and should live that woman to be.d bible said that in d sight if GOD no man is just meaning that we all have sinned and come short of d glory of GOD.nw tell me,who have not comitted sin morethan drug dealing if there is,they are few.we nigerian have to forgive this woman bcs of GOD and her children and allow GOD to judge.our contry is hard so we should think wisely while taking actions.

  15. If d statement of d woman cnt b considered as xcuse 2 free her, n she is @last jailed, den govt shld b responsible 4 d education of d twins chldrn. Dats d only rite govt cn stand on 4 jailing d woman.

  16. If d woman cnt b considered in dis situation, n she is @last jailed, den govt shld cater 4 d education of d twins chldrn. Dats d only rite govt cn stand on 4 jailing d woman.

  17. There is no excuse for crime but pls something shuld b done for her innocent children so dat they don’t end up like their mota. Nigeria hard sha~

  18. am a shame that with all the resourceses we have in nigeria we are still poorliving has if we aresomalians what a shame to the government of Nigeria whether u like it or not,no good roads,health,security,good schools good doctors e.t.c. example just for simple faibrus oppratione my only sister was killed by the doctor in sapele delta state Nigeria, what a bastard doctor he was very lucky that am not in nigeria I would have have send him to his early grave in Jesus Name appeal to the goverment of Nigeria please since you people do travel abroad you can witness how Europe is so please, you people should arrange Nigeria very well.just take a look at south Africa or Ghana do they have the resources we have?No, but they are doing better than us so what are you people planing For Nigeria to stand firm ,please let come together has one to make Nigeria a GReat Country .thank you and faithful. Runor

  19. To make it in life you’ve to take risk. Plz nobody should blame that lady for what she did, if U where in her shoes, U’ll do worst. LET’S BE SINCERE WIT OUR SELF, CAN WE COMPARE WOT Mrs Jimoh Mulikat Adebukola did wit wot our leaders are doing 2day? Talk Nigerians! Our leaders are chronic criminals…

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  22. She was desperate to solve her problems, she went through the hard way. She should granted pardon. After all our leaders commit more crime yet they are free. Nigeria is corrupt, laws are made for the poor to suffer and not for the rich. Imagine how many years U would go to prison if U were caught stealing goat. U are free when U embezzle public fun. Corrupt nation!

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  24. assuming she has job or initial capital to start bussiness she would not have tried dat i am sure of that.and no collateral for poor,getting poorer.

  25. I can’t understand pleas and clemency some people are advocating for this woman. If she’d been successful in this venture,she would have been cruising around in a jeep or SUV looking down on other hard working folks. She actually knew the consequence of what she did. Please,let the law takes its effect.

  26. U all must be very stupid for criticizing this woman, who among u will not do the worse if u are opportune to, when u have no job, our country is bad lets accept the truth, poor nigeria

  27. who and where are “they” the woman is referring to here. I think the NDLEA should begin to thoroughly investigate those these victims referred to as “They” in order to curb this menace from the root. Because they seize the opportunity of the poverty in the land to lure innocent people into their illicit deal/biz.
    Putting this woman and her children in prison is just like plucking the leaves of the tree from where many leaves will bud on again. NDLEA, pls, get their sponsors in order to tackle this problem from the root.

    God bless Nigeria.

  28. If it were to be the celeb, the famous ones and or the rich ones no one will hear of this but for the pauper ‘news everywhere’ Nigeria is a frustrating Country.


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