She Found a Shirt: Female rapper Nicki wears t-shirt with her own face on it


Hip Hop queen Nicki Minaj was sighted LAX Airport rocking a white t-shirt with her own face printed on it.

Nicki, 30 years old who is usually shy when not on stage made sure she kept her head down with a face cap on and eyes hidden behind dark shades as she made her way through the airport.

Nicki was dresses in a very unusual choice of top with a pair of white skinny jeans and a denim jacket.

Normally known for her weird sense of fashion and revealing stage costumes, fans got to see a different side to the rapper as she roamed the airport in the casual outfit.

It was a positive change however from last week, when the curvy beauty tweeted a cheeky photo of herself holding her bare breasts as her frock slipped off.



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