Single Ladies – Amazing Steps To become That Man’s Desire!

Hello single ladies! Yes, you are waiting for that Prince Charming that would come sweep you off your fee. But, have you made yourself a cinderella? You know that saying – Birds of a feather flock together, huh? So, what are those steps you need to take to be a Cinderella?

1. Get Busy – Don’t spend all your time jumping from clubs to beach parties. Some ladies think these are avenues to ‘catch’ the rich handsome dudes, while on their parts, they don’t have something reasonable they are doing with life. If you are in school, be serious minded. I am not saying you shouldn’t catch your fun and have your leisure periods, after all works and no play makes Jill a dull girl, but you shouldn’t take your academics for granted and much time should be devoted to work than play. Not in school? You can learn a particular trade, say dress making which is really in vogue, which in the end would be a source of income to you. When you finally meet Prince Charming, he is not going to play around you…he is going to appreciate that you are busy and hard working. Trust me, a guy don’t spend a long time before ‘wife-ing’ that kind of lady.

2. Learn How To Cook – It is alarming that some ladies can’t perform kitchen duties. Okay! Some ladies are actually waiting for the ‘tech people’ to manufacture phones that would cook food and even serve it….lol.
I don’t think that would be possible anyway. Prince charming has been eating in eateries and fast food joints, he is looking forward to that time when Cinderella would serve him food in his house, prepared with her own hands. Anyway, if you are still a novice in cookery, you should learn now before he comes. You can browse the internet, ask your friends to or get books that would teach you how to cook meals. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is his belly (winks).

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