Snowden Free To Fly Anywhere – Russia


US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden is still in the transit zone at a Moscow airport but has the right to fly anywhere he desires, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.

The NSA spy programme whistle-blower has been charged with espionage and US expects its allies to extradite the fugitive who now has help of WikiLeaks, something could have been easily expected if he stayed back in Hong Kong due to US’s ties with China. Snowden however dropped a bombshell as he left, saying US tapped into Chinese and Hong Kong systems too.

Russia and US have been just inches from becoming enemies over the years, with Russia being said to always find an opportunity to make an enemy out of the US, an opportunity Snowden has presented.

“He has not violated Russian law, he has not crossed the border, he is in the transit zone of the airport and can fly anywhere that he wants,” Lavrov was quoted as saying by the foreign ministry. Russia won’t extradite him back to the US, don’t want him staying either. They want him out of Moscow as soon as possible.

“The sooner this happens, the better,” Lavrov said.