Suspected Feces From Airplane Falls On Ontario Driveway


Two Ontario families said they are convinced passing airlines dropped feces on their properties, but aviation authorities disagree.

The Sullivan family of Mississauga said their driveway and three cars were splattered with what appeared to be feces dropped from a plane Wednesday, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Friday.

“It just covered the top of my mom’s car, dripped down the side, splattered onto my car and back onto my dad’s,” Lindsay Sullivan said.

“It smelt really bad,” George Sullivan said. “It smelled like it was feces.”

The family said they are convinced the foul-smelling substance was frozen to the side of an aircraft and fell from the plane on its way to or from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

“There’s no way one bird could have done it, unless it was a pterodactyl,” he said. “It came from an airplane.”

A similar incident took place in another Mississauga family’s back yard last week. Both families said they blame planes for the mess.

However, Transport Canada said analysis of samples from the first incident indicated “the debris that fell on the Mississauga residence last week did not fall from an aircraft. Consequently, the investigation is now closed.”

Samples from the Wednesday incident are still being analyzed, officials said.